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  1. Rack Watts

    Best Small Forward in the League?

    Who's the best small/medium at the moment? Usually there's an obvious one like Eddie Betts, but it's not like that at the moment. Players that come to my mind are Toby Greene, Jordan DeGoey and Orazio Fantasia. Thoughts?
  2. Rack Watts

    AFL to "Crack Down" on Deliberate Time Wasters

    Yay, just what the game needs, more ambiguity. I wonder what Margetts can craft up with this rule? Discuss. Source:
  3. Rack Watts

    Expansion Non-Expansion Teams with Academies?

    So, in the next draft, North Melbourne get access to a player in Tarryn Thomas that I am sure a lot of recruiters would love to have access to. But for some reason North Melbourne get access to him as though he were a father/son or academy pick purely because he's from Hobart. Why does a...
  4. Rack Watts

    On Paper - 2018: Best and Worst Defense, Midfield and Forward Lines?

    G'day BFFs from BF. Just wondering who everyone thinks has the best and worst defense, midfield and forward line 2018 on paper? I think West Coast have the best defense. Geelong have the best midfield. Adelaide have the best forward line. North Melbourne have the worst defense. Gold Coast...
  5. Rack Watts

    How good was that? Remove the draw in H&A

    My god, what a finish. A famous moment, all because the draw was not a thing. I reckon they should remove the draw in home and away and bring in extended time like that. Incredible game, great for footy.
  6. Rack Watts

    James "Pops" Kelly Announces his Retirement

    "Essendon's James Kelly has announced the 2017 season will be his last as an AFL player. The 310 game veteran told teammates of his decision to retire this morning. Kelly arrived at the Bombers on the eve of the 2016 season. Despite a limited preparation, he played 20 games and finished...
  7. Rack Watts

    Poll: Who's Making the 8? - Round 21 Edition

    The race for finals in 2017 has become a tight one, perhaps the tightest since 1993. Figured I'd make a thread with a poll so that we could look at what every one things visually, and discuss who we think will be in the final 8 at the end of the season and in what order. Here are the details...
  8. Rack Watts

    Moving to Melbourne from Hobart - Need Local Knowledge

    Hi guys, My partner and I have to move to Melbourne for 2 years in February. I'll be working at the immigration building in town (corner of Lonsdale and Spring) as I've got a graduate position there. My partner just got a position at the Western Hospital in Footscray, but she has to travel to...
  9. Rack Watts

    Biggest draft steal in the last 5 drafts?

    Hey all, I was thinking about how much of an absolute gun Luke Parker has been for Sydney. He was taken at pick 40 in 2010, I remember Essendon fans being pissed as we picked Ariel Steinberg before him, who's now been delisted, when midfield was a real concern. Who is the biggest draft steal...
  10. Rack Watts

    T20 AFL Cricket League - Who would win?

    Hey guys, interested in who the handy cricket players are at your team, including recently retired players. I know Bartel was a gun cricketer, and Lynch from Adelaide was a handy bowler. Which AFL list would win a T20 comp? Who are your best cricketers?
  11. Rack Watts

    Tasmanian A-League Bid - Close to Being Fully Backed by FFA

    I have not watched a single game of A-League, however, if Tassie get a team, consider me all in. "Key facilitator in Tasmania’s surprise bid for the A-League, former NSL star and local product David Clarkson thinks that the consortium attempting to bring an A-League team to the Apple Isle for...
  12. Rack Watts

    2nd Test - Australia vs. South Africa @ Bellerive Oval (Nov 12-16)

    Why would you schedule a test match in Hobart in November? January and February, sure. At least we can't lose 5 in a row.
  13. Rack Watts

    The Off-Season: Put your sh*t Ideas Here

    Instead of making sh*t threads, put all your sh*t, in this sh*t thread. You shits.
  14. Rack Watts

    Top 3 Players in the 2016 AFL draft - Call it now!

    So, the number 1 draft pick has never(?) been the best player in a draft pool, however there's usually 2-3 players better, if not more. Usually two inside first round, and one absolute ripper much later. Note: The below table is just an example, no need to take it off topic and turn it into a...
  15. Rack Watts

    Autopsy Only the 22 that Played, Getting a Medal - Time For a Change

    Hey guys, I have been saying for years that every player that played a game throughout the year for the club should get a metal, as they've all contributed. The moment between Beveridge and Murphy was special, but shouldn't need to have happened. Imagine going all the way through your career...
  16. Rack Watts

    The Hat Thread - Ode to Walker

    This thread is purely for reporting hats within the game of the AFL. Embrace this thread, calling it sh*t means you are not passionate about hats, but we know it's an important topic as the AFL media constantly tell us it is. Hats are not to be discussed on bigfooty outside this thread. History...
  17. Rack Watts

    Brisbane or Hawthorn, the Better Three-peat?

    Now that the four-peat is dead, who do you think was the better three-peat and why? Brisbane 2001, '02 and '03 or Hawthorn 2013, '14 and '15. I think Brisbane, they defeated an Essendon side in 2001 that looked unbeatable. "If it bleeds you can kill it". Hawthorn's 3peat was during a time that...
  18. Rack Watts

    Fantasia vs. Sicily vs. Hunt

    Orazio Fantasia, James Sicily and Jayden Hunt. These three were taken 55, 56 and 57 respectively in the 2013 draft. Some fantastic late drafting by the recruiting staff of their clubs. All three look like players, which will be the best player at the end of their career?
  19. Rack Watts

    Auction - Signed Jeremy Cameron Boots!

    Hey guys, sorry to intrude, and if my post is in the wrong location. My friend is doing a fund raiser for his son and his buddy, to travel with the Australian Outback Gridiron (national) team. Figured you guys might be interested in the item being auctioned, signed Jeremy Cameron footy boots...
  20. Rack Watts

    Magic: The Gathering

    Hey guys, never really thought about it until tonight, that some people on Bigfooty might play MTG. Footy and MTG are my two passions and have been since I was a teenager. Is there anyone who plays on here? When did you start? Do you play competitively or casually? Cheers, BPB.