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    Fremantle's 4th Pick: Shane Yarran (Rest in Peace)

    Can we play Yarran, Balla, and Sonny in the same forward line?
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    Toast Fremantle's 3rd Pick: Samuel Collins

    How tall and is he a Key Position or third tall?
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    Toast Fremantle's 2nd pick: Harley Balic

    Another No brainer, good get.
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    Toast Fremantle's 1st Pick: Darcy Tucker

    Good get, no brainer just like Blakely last year.
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    Toast ND Pick #13 - Welcome to Freo Lachie Weller

    Weller will play games next year. He can play both inside and outside and run all day.
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    Toast ND Pick #13 - Welcome to Freo Lachie Weller

    oh well.
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    ND Pick 39 - Max Duffy

    Why mention mike Ellis? It's a backhanded compliment.
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    ND Pick 39 - Max Duffy

    Poor reflection on Duffy. Mike Ellis is a legend of WA basketball and an ex NBL coach. It's amazing that players when cut blame the coach but never look at the reason why they were cut.
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    ND Pick 39 - Max Duffy

    Bad selection. We already have small/mid forwards.
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    ND Pick 17 - Josh Simpson

    Oh yeah. Totally over the moon.
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    Draft Pick 71: Cameron Sutcliffe

    Re: FFC Welcomes Pick 71 wow, sounds like a great kid.