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  1. DarwinRoo

    List Mgmt. The All Alphabet team

    We have the first X in the history of the game, that means we are a Y away from being the first team to have had every letter of the alphabet on our list A - Atley B - Brown C - Cunnington D - Durdin E - Ebert F - Firitto G - Goldstein H - Harper I - Ishchenko J - Jones K - King L - Longmire M...
  2. DarwinRoo

    Review No mans land

    This is what I think is one of the biggest coach killers and it shits me to tears. If you are going to leave your man to turn a 50/50 into a two on one advantage then you need to make sure you make that contest. You can't affect it if you are standing half way between the contest and the bloke...
  3. DarwinRoo

    Game Day NM vs Collingwood

    For people who actually want to talk about the game. Use the other GDT if you want to bag players.
  4. DarwinRoo

    Opinion Josh Toy vs DarwinRoo

    There has been speculation over how high Josh Toy's heart rate can go and it's been said that it can't go above 100 beats per minute. Now I was at the gym the other day and I jumped on a treadmill to do a bit of walking to warm up the legs before breaking into a run. Now I was only walking at...
  5. DarwinRoo

    Toast An honest man

    Word on the street (facebook) is that Hunter S is now engaged to his lovely partner. And if it hasn't been announced already LT and partner are expecting again, another Roogirl on the way. Congratulations Scott and Lindsay.
  6. DarwinRoo

    Game Day Sydneysiders

    Anyone heading to the game today? Catch up for pre and post match drinks?
  7. DarwinRoo

    Roast Booing

    Jeering our own is not ******* on and if it was you, hang your ******* head in shame!
  8. DarwinRoo

    Where were you when

    We played the Swans in the NAB Cup?
  9. DarwinRoo

    Days since...

    your side beat Geelong. North: 1 day Whorethorn: 1297 days
  10. DarwinRoo

    Who is responsible?

    Seriously. What the **** is this sh*t?
  11. DarwinRoo

    Future Forward Line?

    Black Curran ?
  12. DarwinRoo

    Who is on your membership card?

    As I was filling in the members survey today, it asked for my membership number. So I pull it out of my wallet and notice 4 players on there and noticed a fairly big coincidence. Are all memberships the same and has anyone else noticed the coincidence?
  13. DarwinRoo

    Brent Harvey's nickname?

    Just wondering but can anyone let me know what it is. Much appreciated if anyone has heard what they call him. I know Swallow is called Spitta and Leigh Adams is called Patch but not once have I heard Brent Harvey be called anything else but Brent Harvey. Cheers from soon to be SydneyRoo
  14. DarwinRoo

    North Melbourne's own Billy Slater

    Won the Dally M tonight, the NRL equilavent of the Brownlow. Congrats Billy.
  15. DarwinRoo

    How do you spell Melbourne?
  16. DarwinRoo

    How many goals did Hansen concede?

    How many goals did Riewoldt actually kick on Hansen?
  17. DarwinRoo

    Last 12 vs First 12

    Just thought I would have a look at the statistical data between the way Hansen performed towards the end of last year in comparison to the way Drew performed at the start of this year Kicks per game Hansen 8.75 Petrie 10.9 Marks per game Hansen 6.25 Petrie 6.5 Disposals per game Hansen 13.3...
  18. DarwinRoo

    Haters gonna hate.

    jmtCf7OemOY Questions, queries, doubtful points?
  19. DarwinRoo


    Due to some stalkbooking I have learnt that Bastinac has had a minor setback and will have an arthroscope soon.