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    Know anything about ACER?

    My trusty old PRESARIO died and I have been looking at ACER Extensas and Travelmates....Don't know from ACER. Anyone got one? Also is having Centrino Mobile really worth it? You need an extra hub or something? ANd then I guess you get Unwired. Is all this worth it if there is only a few...
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    for anyone bored with Collingwood threads

    How 'bout those Doggies? I hope the wheels haven't fallen off the Saints' cart as I was enjoying them as a new alternative. Can the Saints go all the way? What was different in their line-up or game plan the last two weeks?
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    Anybody watch the fat?

    just read how it's in trouble in its new timeslot and , this is the bit that is bugging me, Tony Squires admitted that a lot of sports stars refuse to come on because of one panel member's comments ......which one? whadda say? Other than being longer and more boring when they don't stick...
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    Who do you fancy?

    ?Chi lei pensa che vincera?
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    Okayyyyyy....we got the lead but...

    Can we keep it...anyone see the game. How were the skills?
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    So. Aus fans: What kind of crap crowd do you call that?

    Don't dare post one more word about the MCC again. Not one syllable! (sp) The Bombers get 2x that playing in Sydney!!!!! Disgraceful. You mean non-Port Adelaide fans won't come to a final against Collingwood the great attraction?
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    Harv's has a go. I hope this link works 'cause it's pretty informative and fun. Most interviews, esp with Sheeds this season, are pretty much hot air but this is alright.
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    Player managers : are they parasites that will ruin the game?

    This year more and more of these ****ers are springing up in the media. Are the players getting thier 20%'s worth or will they and the media outlets eventually ruin the game a la American baseball or Premier League futball? :confused:
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    Hello hello hello...swans on fire at the G!

    Don't read this ..turn it on...the Swans are playing some great footy ...can they keep it up?
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    Copenhagen..what was that all about ?

    Just saw the play ....contained many layers. Did it play in Melbourne? Does one as a physicist have the moral right to work on the practical exploitation of atomic energy? Can one who collaborated with the Nazis and (either consciously or not) stopped them developing the bomb (thus killing...
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    O'Loughlin: "I can do better....much better!"

    Michael O'Loughlin says you have seen far from his best in his first 150 games and he can improve his words..100%! :eek: :eek: I agree he can improve...I was expecting great things last year...he did have shoulder problems...but 100% is a scary prospect. IS he being...
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    Lethal in an Ark: Will the doggies go all defensive on us?

    Will we see Plough's "superflood" that stopped the Bomber's record run? If so will the doggie legs last out back to their goal? as Lepitsch et all will test the Footscray forwards. Realistically do they have a chance...Sydney had a couple of decent quarters of getting the ball forward...
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    Whitnall this weekend: back on Tredrea or up kicking goals?

    I was surprised to see Lance in that where he's suited? If so where will the goalpower come from?...will Fevola be there or be square. Also speaking of defense...watching the crows repeatedly getting it out of the centre and quickly up to goal, what can the Bombers set up around...
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    Not Happy Jan? Phone the AFL

    Maybe I shouldn't do this but what the heck, this is an emergency situation. I wrote a pretty inarticulate email to the AFL about my boycotting their website to protest their gross mishandling of promoting the game through their website and live games on TV ...and got the following response...
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    Can you read this and post in 10 seconds ?

    WHat is ROcket on about ? IS it ironically true that he wants to speed up disposal time to overcome flooding, something he helped entrench? Will this be easy to enforce, umps running around with stopwatches? Will it speed up the game...does the game need speeding up?
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    Final Say: what was your favorite 2001 footy experience?

    Caro was on the radio just now re-capping her fave memories of this season and it got me going over the highs & lows as well. There were some great moments, some appalling incidents, some laughable escapades, some terrific bits, some bummers. What were your high(or low)lights? :mad: :)
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    Anybody sing the Messiah this year?

    Just finished up today at the Opera House with the philharmonia. still experiencing a Natural High off singing the Messiah I wondered if anyone else has ever sung it?
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    Farewell to the old home ground

    The pies are seen to be leaving VIc Park and the Hawk are perhaps re-nesting in Waverly. Is this a step forward to modern facilities and new geographical areas? A blow to tradition? How strong are your ties to your team's homeground? Are the memories and community ties there worth...
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    Robin to be a Yankee?? Where's the Justice in that??

    What is the deal with the Yankees swapping players with their cross-town enemies the Mets?? Torre is shrewd & calculating...what does he see in Robin Ventura that Valentine doesn't? Is Justice trade bait or now he can hit all of sudden??? What gives? Wierd & wacky :confused: :eek: :confused:
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    Joe Henry

    Is anyone familiar with this guys work? I just discovered him today and reall like what I've heard. I'd love it if anyone could share some thoughts on him as nobody in my limited circle has ever heard of him :confused: