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  1. Grave Danger

    Port after Ash Hansen

    Maybe Kim Hagdorn is getting confused with PAMFC (let's hope so). For all the screaming headline on the back page of today's Sunday Times POWER EYES EAGLE ASH, the only mention this gets in Hagdorn's article is: "Although West Coast is understood not to have had any direct approaches for...
  2. Grave Danger

    Thomson to Richmond

    Cue list of superstars drafted at 42 or later...
  3. Grave Danger

    Anyone upset with todays draft?

    Port had two opportunities to pick up Levi Greenwood. I can accept them not using their first pick (16), but he was still there at 28 and we chose another Motlop. The Kangaroos may have found their next Glen Archer due to Port's foolishness.
  4. Grave Danger

    Ryan Willits

    The Power’s Victorian recruits, Ryan Willits and James Ezard, had their first training run with the team at the Adelaide Uni Gym in North Adelaide, after being selected at pick’s 19 and 34 respectively in the recent National Draft. Willits, who has played mainly as a key forward...
  5. Grave Danger

    anyone got a mock PSD?

    If Schofield is in the PSD it means Port will have a vacancy on their list, so we'll probably select someone who was overlooked in the National draft that was supposed to be a certainty and everyone will marvel, "how DO they DO it year after year?" :D
  6. Grave Danger

    SEN News : Josh Carr Deal Is Imminent

    You're not really paranoid - we all just think you are :rolleyes:
  7. Grave Danger

    Mark Johnson to Port/Carr to Freo/Dunn,1st round to Dons!

    If the Fr'ockers are prepared to give up Dunn and pick 11, just hand them over to Port - forget Johnson.
  8. Grave Danger

    Nick Stevens - Out of...

    ...unless Barnaby French talks him out of it ;)
  9. Grave Danger

    12 Hours to go

    Heard somewhere that Essendon are now offering Solomon more than he was originally asking!
  10. Grave Danger

    No Trades Again......

    The AFL should set up a bulletin board for club officials to post their deals instead of relying on faxes ;)
  11. Grave Danger

    Keep your hands off Didak!

    But are the Clokes?
  12. Grave Danger

    Travis Johnston to Hawthorn

    Travis Johnstone - Robert Walls's pre-season tip for the 2003 Brownlow Medal :rolleyes: Edit: Whoops - actually Walls tipped Nathan Brown. Some knob called Peter Ker (The Age) tipped Johnstone.
  13. Grave Danger

    Brad Hardie's Tip

    Collingwood to give Port Alan Didak and Scott Burns for Nick Stevens :eek: