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  1. RedmanWasHere

    Puopolo and Selwood ducking into the tackle to draw the free - is this a fair rule application?

    Joel Selwood, 680-318. (251 games.) Paul Puopolo, 212-114. (150.) Toby McLean, 70-22 (40.) Luke Shuey, 288-183 (159.) FWIW Toby's becoming my most hated using this free kick method. He's a good player but, like the others, I want him to cut it out.
  2. RedmanWasHere

    Dempsey's sling tackle

    Looking at it (was there on Saturday night,) definitely wasn't a sling tackle. Was more a suplex and a crude one at that. See you later Dempspud. So very dangerous and unnecessary. Dempsey did the right thing in corralling Lids but took it too far with the suplex. Trengove on Dangerfield set...
  3. RedmanWasHere

    Does Umpire Nicholls hate everyone equally ??

    Nicholls is the same maggot who umpired Sirengate and "couldn't hear" the siren go.