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  1. Father Jack

    Play Nice WADA v Essendon 34: Guilty, 2 Yr Susp. (backdated to Mar 2015). Affects 17 current AFL plyrs.

    Is Barrel Sporran the name of a sports lawyer or something?
  2. Father Jack

    Live Event James Hird live in concert (Interview now in OP)

    usually ... not always
  3. Father Jack

    Live Event James Hird live in concert (Interview now in OP)

    I didn't bother watching the interview, but having read this thread in its entirety I can't help but be reminded of this:
  4. Father Jack

    James Hird gone, presser at 3:15 today - The Age

    Honesty? If he honestly gave a sh*t about the club this press conference would have been held two years ago.
  5. Father Jack

    Would you take Jobe Watson's Brownlow away?

    He'll do whatever it takes to hold onto it #sobrave
  6. Father Jack

    Will Essendon Coach survive another D-Day?......

    Good idea, Essendon would be better off with her as coach.
  7. Father Jack

    Presidents Against Essendon's Actions

    It's a bit sad and worrying that the siege mentality at Essendon appears to have gone so far that they don't even recognise this basic fact anymore.
  8. Father Jack

    Caro off the long run

    Just think how much support Hird would have if he had stood down as coach in the early part of last season? There'd be people mutually respecting each other like nobodies business.
  9. Father Jack

    Mega Thread General ASADA - AFL - Essendon Investigation Discussion [Now a troll free zone - be warned]

    On the way the AFL has handled this, do you think that taking the heat out of the story before the finals got under way was a good or bad thing? Personally I'm pretty happy that we're generally talking about footy these days, if the story comes back to life after the Grand Final I don't care...
  10. Father Jack

    Essendon launches legal action against Carlton CEO Greg Swann

    Just blame poor governance on your feet walking over to the person next to you and your eyes for looking at their paper when you never set out to do that when you stood up.
  11. Father Jack

    Essendon launches legal action against Carlton CEO Greg Swann

    Cheating means to break the rules, doesn't it? If your 'governance' was so 'poor' that you ended up breaking the rules, I can't see how that is anything but cheating. Please follow through on this threat to take this to court Essendon, I need to find out what this mysterious difference is.
  12. Father Jack

    Hird has been offered a contract extension

    Never in the field of football conflict have so many been so innocent of so much.
  13. Father Jack

    The integrity of Gerard Whateley and Rohan Connolly

    So because the investigation hasn't concluded and thus no infractions have been handed out, it means that the Essendon players are in the clear? Sound logic I guess.
  14. Father Jack

    Demetriou confirms that ASADA investigation re players still ongoing

    Interim report gets Essendon out of the finals and clears the air for the business end of the season whilst ASADA continue on their merry way. What song will Dank sing I wonder? What skeletons will come clattering out of those previously tightly-shut closets now that ASADA have taken delivery...
  15. Father Jack

    Hird has been offered a contract extension

    Run your club so badly that you get hit with the worst sanctions in the history of the game, get contract extension. Seems legit.
  16. Father Jack

    Is a finals series without Essendon compromised?

    I can't believe people are saying that the AFL should have acted in May when it's late August and they've had to rush to get their sanctions in place as it is.
  17. Father Jack

    James Hird could leave Essendon in AFL deal

    Pretty much. That press conference that Little and Hird held was basically an exercise in ensuring the AFL will not offer them a deal at all, little loan a watered down one compared to the one they rejected to start with.
  18. Father Jack

    Man who rang into the Presidents MMMeeting - Do you believe he is actually Paul Little?

    I have information that at one point Warwick Capper could be heard to say "That's good stuff"
  19. Father Jack

    The Cult of Hird in Essendon fan speak

    And if in the process he drags his club, the league, the season, the entire sport through the mud purely to get off on a technicality? Yeah, I reckon he is wrong. To the point where I don't want to see a player I previously admired (some of his greatest performances were against us, after...