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  1. Grave Danger

    should he stay or go??????

    Ha ha - you've gotta love the priorities of footy fans ;)
  2. Grave Danger

    Tribunal (Un)fairness

    So what if Sturt knocked out the Maggies? Counts for nought if you don't make the Grand Final.
  3. Grave Danger


    It's a True Port Adelaide Tradition
  4. Grave Danger

    Game Summary: Melbourne v. Essendon

    I've registered a 'complaint' on the Essendon board about this Dan25 dweeb coming here and posting crap on our board. It's not as if he was responding to something addressed to him or about his team and it's the same dribble he's posted on the main board a hundred times already. So he should...
  5. Grave Danger

    Ladder prediction

    The Cows are still below the St Kentucky Fried Chickens on the ladder
  6. Grave Danger

    Game Summary: Melbourne v. Essendon

    Yes, we're looking ominous, but it means nothing until we regularly win games on the road. If we have a good win at Geelong next week, the critics might start to take notice....
  7. Grave Danger

    Tribunal (Un)fairness

    It seems that around 27,000 is Port's core attendance figure. We'll get more against sides like Essendon and Carlton and probably less against Freo, Melbourne, etc. We'd like it to be more, but that will take time. If Port keep playing like they are now, and if the C-words continue to...
  8. Grave Danger

    Ladder prediction

    Blight has made one too many come backs to coaching, or maybe picked the wrong club to to it with. His histrionics and ritual humiliation of players won't work with St Kilda, they'll just sook and drop their bundle - oh look, it's happened already.
  9. Grave Danger

    Tribunal (Un)fairness

    If the C-words had lost again today, the crowd at FP would probably have been bigger, but the band wagoners will probably stick with the Camries a little while longer...
  10. Grave Danger

    Ladder prediction

    Yes, this is the single most shameful statistic of the entire history of the Port Adelaide Football Club - fancy us never having beaten Saint Kilda. This emarrasment must be rectified, I mean, Saint bluddy Kilda!!
  11. Grave Danger

    We're Sorry! Meady cited for tripping - by video!! In the mean time, Libba will get off scott free, just as Jonathon Brown did, etc, etc...
  12. Grave Danger

    ok here we go, where to now

    Thanks to Violetta Lee, Port Adelaide has now joined the Rivals.Net club with our own site - it's at: or: Vi of course runs the Port News Zone site ( ), which always has the...
  13. Grave Danger

    a little poem i'v prepared earlier...

    I'm disappointed in you Dan - you manage to write pages and pages and pages and pages and pages...of utter crap all by yourself without having to use Angry of Brighton's complaint letter generator. Now fÜck off our board.
  14. Grave Danger

    Biggest injury/suspension blow...

    Suits me...
  15. Grave Danger

    any one going to the MFC v's hawks match tomorrow?

    It's just QT's futile attempt to hide the fact that the C-words fûcked up badly by not selecting K. Cornes when they had the chance...
  16. Grave Danger

    any one going to the MFC v's hawks match tomorrow?

    There's some suggestion that Brent Guerra could be in trouble with the Tribunal. Hopefully not, but Kane would be an ideal replacement.
  17. Grave Danger

    Melbourne v. Hawthorn Preview

    Choose again...
  18. Grave Danger

    Lessons from the Debacle

    You win the prize! I hope Bowser stands up for it after not playing much footy this year. Harwood and Bishop will be disappointed seeing they had supposedly proven their fitness, but it's a bit of a turn around of our recent fortunes that we have got talls missing out on selection (and...
  19. Grave Danger

    Lessons from the Debacle

    He's had some unfortunately timed injuries which have held him back, but if he's fit now, I'd say give him a go. How has he been going with the red legs pre-season?
  20. Grave Danger

    Is this when we say......Its only the Ansett Cup.

    From the AFL web site: ONE casualty came from last night's game for the Power and that was big man Barnaby French. French had x-rays on his right leg - which he injured near the end of the second quarter last night - this morning and it was found that he sustained a fractured fibula. Surgery...