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  1. Adelaide Hawk

    Rd 7: Brisbane v Hawthorn

    I agree with your assessment of Hooper. He's not just a flashy forward pocket opportunist, he does a lot of the 1 percenters and I think he's got a big future.
  2. Adelaide Hawk

    Rd 7: Brisbane v Hawthorn

    What's happened to Rhan Hooper? I saw his first game a few weeks ago and he looked pretty good. Is he injured or has he lost form?
  3. Adelaide Hawk

    Condolences to Leigh Matthews

    As a long standing Hawks fan who saw Leigh play as a rookie and develop into a champion player and great coach, I also wish to pass on my thoughts and best wishes to Leigh and his family in his time of sorrow.
  4. Adelaide Hawk

    murphy - father son?

    They were John Murphy's words, not mine. I heard him in an interview on SEN a couple of months ago. He indicated he could have played for Hawthorn if he wanted to but felt he wasn't good enough. Here's something I found in an archive from the AFL website: Interestingly enough, the...
  5. Adelaide Hawk

    murphy - father son?

    I don't know if people know this, but John Murphy's father played for Hawthorn. The Hawks wanted Murphy to play for them under father/son, but Murphy considered he wouldn't make the Hawks team so he joined Fitzroy. I've heard young Murphy is very good.
  6. Adelaide Hawk

    Bears '91

    BRISBANE BEARS 1 Richard Champion 2 Peter Curran 3 Steve Reynoldson 4 5 Brad Hardie 6 Brad Rowe 7 Scott McIvor 8 9 Alex Ischenko 10 Marcus Ashcroft 11 Brenton Phillips 12 Troy Clarke 13 Craig Potter 14 15 Corey Bell 16 Rod Lester-Smith 17 Martin Leslie 18 Campbell Black 19...
  7. Adelaide Hawk

    Chris McDermott commentating

    I never heard the commentary so I am not arguing the point. I am surprised because if there's one member of the media in Adelaide who doesn't show bias towards the Crows it's Chris McDermott. He has been refreshing to those of us in Adelaide who are sick of the Hollywood film star...
  8. Adelaide Hawk

    Our next Captain

    My 1st thought was Simon Black, but I guess J Brown would be a good choice.
  9. Adelaide Hawk

    Lethal's got Eddie in his sights!

    The fat pig has far too much to say, and if he can't take it he shouldn't dish it out. It seems to me it's Eddie who needs to get over something, he simply cannot accept getting beaten in the 2002 and 2003 Grand Finals and it shows. Everyone hates your President, you want to know why...
  10. Adelaide Hawk

    Demented scott!

    I'm probably not going to say anything that hasn't already been said 100 times before, but I just want to give my point of view. For mine, this is a media beat up that has got totally out of control. Whilst what Michael and Scott did may not appear sportsmanlike to some, they have done...
  11. Adelaide Hawk

    No 1 Guernsey to be retired

    It sounds like a LOT of crap to me.
  12. Adelaide Hawk

    Browny Off

    According to the laws of the game, correct decision.
  13. Adelaide Hawk

    I thought around the neck was a free kick?

    I'm a Hawks fan who lives in Adelaide. You can believe me when I tell you the average Crows fan would like nothing more than seeing Port fall flat on its face. Just because they are both from Adelaide doesn't mean they like each other.
  14. Adelaide Hawk

    I thought around the neck was a free kick?

    Unfortunately, unduly rough play can carry a suspension. Shane Zantuck got 2 matches for roughing up Mark Williams just recently, so the Lions have reason to worry. I would hate to see Brown miss a Grand Final because of this incident, the penalty would be too high. If I were the Lions...
  15. Adelaide Hawk

    Brisbane jumpers

    I am hoping someone can help me with this. I am wondering which season the Brisbane Bears switched from the gold jumper with the futuristic bear logo on front to the maroon jumper with the gold V. Also, I have recollection in the first year (1987), the maroon was a lot darker, almost brown...
  16. Adelaide Hawk

    Aker - not all opposition supporters hate him

    I find Akermanis a refreshing change to the stereotypical AFL footballer who talks in cliches and says what the coach wants to hear, not what I want to hear. Akermanis speaks his mind and I've always enjoyed hearing his points of view. Oh ..... and he can play footy a little as well. :)
  17. Adelaide Hawk

    A short poem

    They're partying up in Brisbane now And making quite a racket And somewhere lying in a bin Is Joffa's golden jacket.
  18. Adelaide Hawk

    Premiership numbers

    I agree.
  19. Adelaide Hawk

    Congrats Mighty Lions

    As a proud Hawthorn member of many years, I would like to pass on my congratulations to the Brisbane Lions, what a fabulous team. Leigh Matthews will always be a favourite of mine and it is wonderful seeing him having such great success in Brisbane. I guess I knew all along that Brisbane was...
  20. Adelaide Hawk

    Congratulations Brisbane

    Thank you .. oh .. thank you, thank you!!!!! If Essendon do the right thing tomorrow, life will be bearable once more in Adelaide. All the best with the 3peat Lions!!