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  1. Wallaby

    Opinion Your Clubs best 20 Ever

    For Richmond. Off the top of my head - 5 minutes thought. Criticism accepted. Top 15 I'm pretty happy with. From there, pick 5 out of perhaps 30 possibilities. (Still can't believe Dale Weightman missed out. Might have to do it again). Dyer Bartlett Hart Bourke Wright Martin Titus Bentley...
  2. Wallaby

    Rank the top 10 games you’ve seen in your time watching Australian Rules Football

    Carlton - WCE Subiaco 1995 Richmond Hawks - 1994 (Pissing down all day - Richmond kicked 4 goals - and won. Hawks fans probably list this among their worst days - as I would have if Richmond had lost). Any Victorian SOO game from the 1980s - against either WA or SA. All great games. 2018 GF -...
  3. Wallaby

    Opinion Robbo's top 50 for 2019

    I think Robbo is like the umpires - rates Mids higher than KPPs. I'm the other way - I think (at least for our side) our KPPS (Lynch, Jack, Grimes, Astbury and Rance if fit) are just as important to the side, and need to be ranked that way.
  4. Wallaby

    Number Association Game

    I'm not sure about 'who' but I associate certain numbers with certain types of players. 1. Solid HBF 2. Ruckman 3. Small mid/rover 4. HFF 5. Big KPD ('lumbering') 6. 7. Small, skillful forward 8. Definitely a forward 9. Gun, smart, but a bit soft - probably a future coach. 10. Solid Back...
  5. Wallaby

    Opinion Your best team based on players you've seen.

    Ablett Sr. 21 other blokes to kick it in his direstion.
  6. Wallaby

    Opinion Twelve Records That Are Safe

    Except It's very hard to beat - Geelonh only equalled the record. In the Round-Robin finals in 1899, Geelong beat St Kilda 23.21 - 0.1.
  7. Wallaby

    Opinion Twelve Records That Are Safe

    I think the Goldstein is relatively easy. Get a wet day (lots of stoppages, a team playing a small-ish ruckman like Nankervis, or losing him to injury) and it can happen. A few years ago Richmond had a huge slow ruckman Andrew Browne who was reported to have got 95 hitouts in the VFL. Anyway...
  8. Wallaby

    Favourite player from each team of all time

    I'm going historic Adelaide - Modra Brisbane - Aker Carlton - Jesaulenko Collingwood - Len Thompson Essendon - Watson Fitzroy - Garry Wilson Fremantle - Hayden Geelong - Snr Gold Coast - None spring to mind GWS - " Hawthorn - Hudson Melbourne - Flower North - Schimmelbusch Port - Tredrea...
  9. Wallaby

    Most hated players of all time

    Why is there so much hate for small forwards? It's a real thing - every side has had one or two over the years who just attracts opposition venom. OK - Greene is a special case, but why all the others? Is it because they clean up the scraps that the Big, Noble Key Forward has created by...
  10. Wallaby

    20 players who had left St Kilda and then played in a Premiership

    That's good - so there's exactly as many players who LEFT St Kilda to play in a flag as stayed and played in a flag.
  11. Wallaby

    The best VFL/AFL team - last 50 years

    I think Akermanis is one of the most under-rated players of the last 30-40 years. Ok - that's only my opinion (correct though it be:D:D:D:D). I think being a d!ck for a large part of his late- and post-career period has clouded some memories. Flower is a legendary, great player and fan...
  12. Wallaby

    Top 5 best grand final performances for no Norm Smith

    The NBA 'retrospected' it's award for MVP of the All Star game. After the award was established, they did the replay analysis of all the previous games (only 3 or 4, I think) and awarded gongs.
  13. Wallaby

    Which team has the most players from other clubs in their best 22? (2017)

    Here's a funny one - GWS have plenty. Davis, Mumford, Johnson, Ward, Scully, Shaw. Probably De Boer isn't best 22, but Deledio would be if fit. Plus Griffin, Mzungu, Simpson, and Patfull. So at least 12 on the list. I think Richmond have 5 in best 22, plus 5 others on list (including Maric...
  14. Wallaby

    Most hated players of all time

    I remember reading a few years ago when the AFL had one of their Fan surveys that Wanganeen was one of the most hated players. I thought I was the only one! It was a bit of a talking point among the commentators - 'How could the fans get this so wrong?' etc. No mention that most opposition...
  15. Wallaby

    Top 5 best grand final performances for no Norm Smith

    Cloke was always 3rd or 4th choice ruckman at Richmond. At Collingwood, he became their first ruck with great success (runner-up in '84 Brownlow). So when he went back to Richmond, he played exclusively as a ruck. Last game 1991, Tigers decided to give their young up-and-coming big guy Ty...
  16. Wallaby

    Rarest achievements in VFL/AFL history - Reynolds and Matthews

    Keith Miller Played for Austrlia in a test match - March 30 1946. PLayed for St Kilda in a VFL match - April 22 1946. Just over 3 weeks later. Maybe not the record, but does anyone know of any shorter break? (Max Walker was about 3 months).
  17. Wallaby

    Rarest achievements in VFL/AFL history - Reynolds and Matthews

    Kevin Bartlett 400 Games 8000 kicks 700 goals State Captain Victoria Norm Smith Medal 5 Premierships 5 B&Fs. 5 Handballs
  18. Wallaby

    Rarest achievements in VFL/AFL history - Reynolds and Matthews

    Good idea about ranking the 'achievements' - I could quibble about what are important and what are not, but I like the idea. As for your maths, unfortunately you are not dealing with discrete probabilities. Nor are you dealing with purely random events. Not every player has the same chance at...
  19. Wallaby

    The MCG Team of the Century

    Ok. You Have KB in the Team. That's a start. Bartlett played more games at the MCG than anyone else. He's 5th in Goal-kicking (the only one in the Top 20 under 6 ft). He won a Norm Smith there. He played in 5 winning GFs there. I understand the argument that maybe Matthews and Reynolds are...
  20. Wallaby

    Top 5 best grand final performances for no Norm Smith

    Funnily enough - he probably wasn't. He was in the (pretty clear) top 4. Lee was great, as was Raines. Cloke was frightening, and kicked 6. Most commentators votes had Lee/Raines as top. But it was a classic 'story' Norm Smith. Bartlett had broken the all-times games record in the qualifying...