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  1. PerfectFooty


    fu** cancer if the case. As someone who has lost a relative via Alzheimer's it always saddened me to hear of Malcolm's battle with Dementia. I remember in interview with Angus on how he fought it hard before he ended up retiring from the band. He'd spend the night before and the morning of...
  2. PerfectFooty

    Cover songs that are better than the original

    Hendrix wins hands down for covering Bob Dylan's All along the watch tower
  3. PerfectFooty

    Midnight Oil Tour

    So is the whole band getting back to tour or has it seemed to have fallen through?
  4. PerfectFooty

    Bands/artists you'd love to see live

    Pink Floyd would be high on my list. Fortunately got to see AC/DC last year, well, whats left of them