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    Training - 16/11/09

    :confused: He doesn't have any point to prove to us. He is the one who wanted to leave. We didn't want him to go, but when he'd made up his mind we did what we could and got a good trade for him. It's not surprising he did well in the time trial. He is a great endurance runner, a workhorse...
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    Toast Brock Mclean a Bluebagger

    Bloody good get for your club here guys. Brocks inside work is fantastic, and he will help Judd out heaps in this regard. When he is fit, he can be very damaging, and his kicking into the forward 50 is very under-rated. He played this year injured, getting jabs in his ankle to get him through...
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    Roast Chris Johnson

    Hate to say we told you so lol. You guys are a good team now, and you've got plenty of depth for his position now. He was depth at Melbourne, and that's all he should be at Carlton too. You're better off without him in your 22.
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    Roast Chris Johnson

    Re: Chris Johnson - weak as piss ... Not going to argue there. If you visit the Demonland forums, lots of the threads are about Sylvia, and how he should be delisted at the end of this season. Ideally we'd like to trade him, but I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to give up a pick for a...
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    Roast Chris Johnson

    Re: Chris Johnson - weak as piss ... Ah ok cheers for that. Makes alot more sense, as Scotland is a good player and it seems odd he wouldnt get a game ahead of Chris Johnson without there being a decent reason. Hopefully he is back and firing for you guys soon.
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    Roast Chris Johnson

    Re: Chris Johnson - weak as piss ... Bailey wasn't filthy at losing him. Bailey was filthy AT him, because he shopped himself around, made a deal with another club and not sign a new contract, and walked on Melbourne so they didn't get a draft pick for him as compensation for putting 5 years...
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    Roast Chris Johnson

    Re: Chris Johnson - weak as piss ... The guy's a soft unaccountable hack with poor decision making skills. Little upside. Us Dees supporters were paying him out just because he bailed on us, we were sick of putting up with his crap for 5 years. He has a good kick on him, but his decision making...