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  1. Visions

    Toast Thank you.

    They were for eons but during the last few years the Saints have taken the mantle. Don't worry, I sure in a season or two once Carlton get back up there things will change around again. :D
  2. Visions

    Toast Thank you.

    The Saints for a variety of reasons are my most hated club, and your guys made my night (hard as it is to swallow) by humiliating them. At the start of the year without Fev I thought you would struggle to make the 8. But play like you did tonight throughout the rest of the year, you will have...
  3. Visions

    Fevola - Aussie Millions

    Not true. Day 2, blinds are big, short stack on the table, you cant wait to collect pocket aces to go all in pre flop. Fev made the correct play in my book, just got unlucky. 13 - 4 = 9 clubs left on the river. Hey, is Fevola back with his ex? Or are they just still good friends? I saw him in...
  4. Visions

    Aisake at CHF in '08?

    CHF is the toughest position on the ground, as is evidenced in the past with only a handful of standouts who have played there in the last 20 years. To suggest a player to play CHF who hasn't played an AFL game before let alone one with limited AFL experience is a bold move. But by all means I...
  5. Visions

    Pies supporters are bleeding

    Would love to comment on this topic but I fear my response, civilised and weak as it may be would be enough to incur the wrath of an infraction due to the stringent policies offered opposition supporters on this board.
  6. Visions

    Judd, Hadley :) now for the PSD

    Question is how many players has Carlton delisted and/or retired which leaves the spots open, and how much money there is left in the salary cap to pick up some decent players after the trade week?
  7. Visions

    Kleenux set to become new sponsors of Collingwood

    One just has to be amused at the thinking of the Carlton faithfull that they will actually accomplish something on the football field in the next 2-3 years. For a team that has finished their last 6 years 16th, 15th, 11th, 16th, 16th, 15th, they have portrayed a cockiness that defies belief...