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  1. PieLebo87

    Opinion Collingwood will return to finals footy in 2023

    These threads absolutely leave easy targets on backs, but I’m happy to cop that because the more I look at this, the more I believe the Magpies will rise back up the ladder quicker than people believe. The narrative at the moment appears to be that Collingwood have massive holes in its list and...
  2. PieLebo87

    Urgent message to BF posters

    Footy can take a backseat for just a moment… Happy Father’s Day to all the dads on here anda moment of silence for those who’s dads are no longer around but in your memories. Im a very lucky man. Woke up this morning to my wife and little guy spoiling me with some pancakes and a terribly made...
  3. PieLebo87

    The ‘90s vs today

    I was born in ‘87, so too young to remember the ‘90s. Question for the older folk… are things as dire (on-field) now as they were in the ‘90s? I understand off-field is a different thing, as the club was a basket case, but I’m talking on-field. Bear in mind, the ‘90s crew didn’t have the...
  4. PieLebo87

    The What If thread

    Where would we be if we’d won the games we lost by 3 goals or less? The question isn’t about where we’d be on the ladder - it’s 5 games so we’d be 9 and 5, sitting 6th on the ladder. Ironically, the 3 teams (sitting 3rd-5th) above us would also be 9-5 instead of 10-4. The question is about...
  5. PieLebo87

    A closer look at the 2020 fixture for the top 8

    A week’s Annual Leave and lockdown has left me a little short of entertainment, so thought I’d take a closer look at this year’s fixture. I wanted to see how many games each top 8 side played without a clear home ground advantage so tallied up the games where the top 8 side played an opposition...
  6. PieLebo87

    What has happened at GCS?

    Dean Solomon has only recently signed a new deal, and had another 2 years to run. For them to be paid out and axed effective immediately smells fishy.
  7. PieLebo87

    Free Agency Wylie Buzza [DFA to Port Adelaide]

    Surely this guy will get picked up by another AFL club. How good can he be?
  8. PieLebo87

    Are we cursed?

    So I was watching a bit of the 2018 Grand Final and the mad scramble in the last 6-7 minutes with foray after foray forward - Collingwood players not creating more stoppages but trying to clear the ball and have failed attempts at goal. Eagles kick that goal and just lock it down for the last 2...
  9. PieLebo87

    Moved Thread Taylor Adams - Finals performer

    Taylor Adams seems to take it up a notch having waited until last season to play finals football. He won our best finals player award last season averaging 29.2 possessions, 6.7 clearances and 6.7 tackles per a game across 4 games including being second BOG for the Norm Smith in the Grand...
  10. PieLebo87

    300 gamers - What attributes to achieving such a monumental milestone?

    The smartalec answer is durability. But I was curious to know which clubs have had the most, and why some have managed so many compared to others. My reasoning for the question is Collingwood only having two (Melbourne - 1) in over 120 years of competition compared to Adelaide who have 4 in...
  11. PieLebo87

    Top 8 vs Top 8

  12. PieLebo87

    Can’t wait for Round 22

    Can we fast forward to August 17th? This is the round that will decide the top 4. Brisbane v Geelong at the GABBA up first, which will decide the minor premiership. Then Adelaide v Collingwood at Adelaide Oval, which could decide Adelaide’s top 8 position and Collingwood’s top 4 prospects...
  13. PieLebo87

    Who can/could kick a goal from 50 on the opposite foot?

    Would love to see a thread dedicated to those skilful players in today’s game and yesteryear who perfected the art of using the opposite foot, and are simply a joy to watch in a day where athletes run around and miss shots from 20 metres out. I’ll kick it off with one of my personal favourites -
  14. PieLebo87

    Andrew McLeod - How underrated is this guy?

    I think it’s quite fitting that during the Sir Doug Nicholas Indigenous Round, McLeod is afforded some recognition as one of the more underrated footballers over the last 20 years. If we’re talking HBFers, his name would be amongst the first mentioned, but when talking about the best players...
  15. PieLebo87

    When does Kane Cornes get put back in his place?

    Can someone quote a positive comment he has made? All I ever hear or see is negativity and potshots at individuals. When does a player or another media person say enough is enough and bite back?
  16. PieLebo87

    First GCS and GWS player to win a premiership

    Hoping someone can help with this. Who was the first GWS premiership player? And who was the first GCS premiership player? Both clubs have recruited premiership players, but which players have left these two sides and gone on to win a premiership? The only name that comes to mind for me is...
  17. PieLebo87

    The best midfield

    All the talk this off season has been about Collingwood’s midfield, and as a Pies supporter, it is very exciting to see some of the names in the articles, but will we find out as quickly as Round 1 who has the best midfield in the competition? Although all the talk has been about Sidebottom...
  18. PieLebo87

    Round 2 2019 leaked

    Can anyone get their hands on Round 3? Well eventually get to the end of the H&A!
  19. PieLebo87

    Colin Sylvia

    Any reputable information? I hope this isnt true.