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  1. lioninthesand

    Player ratings - 5 A graders to win a flag.

    I have always thought you need 5 + A graders to win a flag (obviously along with everything else, not just 5 A graders alone). I feel we have that (not necessarily a flag this year but over the next 3) I have only done our core, not Guys like Bailey and Answerth (too early to tell) or Guys like...
  2. lioninthesand

    AFL - Fan / club contentment ladder

    I wanted to put together my take on a ladder that isn't so much based directly on results or statistical comparison, but more on where clubs sit - in terms of delivery on expectation from the start of the year. This is a ranking of teams in order of 'pleased to pissed off' and its from a fan...
  3. lioninthesand

    Analysis 2018 v 2017 YOY comparison - are we really getting better?

    I did a quick 'key stat'... us vs opponent differential between this year and last to see if there has been improvement and this is an overview. This is the differential between us and our opponent for each game, not just a direct comparison between our numbers, if that makes sense. It was quick...
  4. lioninthesand

    Certified Legendary Thread No

    Not today.
  5. lioninthesand

    The media and our game

    Don't get the hate for media on here, they are half the reason that our game is as great as it it. They document it, the pump it up, they build it up, the pedistool people and tear them down. They create they perpetuate the hype that leads to the hype on gameday. The media immortalised our...
  6. lioninthesand

    Would we want these Guys?

    The AFL landscape is changing and most agree our coaching panel could use a freshen up and or the inclusion of a heavy hitter or two, plus a potential key forward option.. would we want any of these people - who may move on at the end of the year, at the Lions? Damien Hardwick: If the Tigers...
  7. lioninthesand

    2016 - who would and wouldn't you want to support this year?

    Question for you all? assume for a moment our Lions don't exist. Loving the changing landscape this year and there are some really interesting points of discussion arising. What team would you like least to support right now (be most pissed of as a supporter)? Freo, Richmond, Pies, Port? What...