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  1. flaps

    ESPN BigFooty Keepers League - TEAMS AVAILABLE - Enquire within

    Hey guys, Looking for about 10 people (approx) for an ESPN keepers league with about 13 positions + 1 IR. So far we have myself and Checkered and myself as co-commissioners. Format: H2H Each Category (PTS) (BLK) (STL) (AST) (REB) (TO) (3PM) (FG%) (FT%) Snake draft allocated picks 1 hour before...
  2. flaps

    Albury Lightning - Home of the Murray Bushrangers

    Team list at end of 2014 season. RESERVED
  3. flaps

    Round 11 Teams

    Round 11 Adelaide vs Punt Road Roar Port Adelaide vs West Coast Harbour City Hornets vs Melbourne St Kilda Titans vs Gippsland Sharks Wagga Wagga Warthogs vs Brisbane Bears Western Vultures vs Ballarat Dragons Gold Coast Devils vs Geelong Rottnest Razorbacks vs Albury Bandits Launceston vs...
  4. flaps

    Footscray Bulldewgs Manic Mohawk Man

    Working overtime since their last win, this bloke is rivalling a spot on the list of Bay 13 cards. What a loose unit. Do what you will to him.
  5. flaps

    Filfy Norf Granny Photoshop Thread

    In light of the epic Richmond KFC Boy and Angry Melbourne Boy, I now present a few screentshots from Filfy Norf Granny. Wasn't she furious after that Free + 50 on the weekend! Make what you like out of these ;) Potential with calm old man, tongue lady, fingernail biter, behind her too, as well...
  6. flaps

    Toast Club colours

    Definitely chose a winner in the latest footy film to come out :D (Note: Sorry if this is the wrong board, but I just noticed it was too good to pass up)
  7. flaps

    Round 13 teams

    Assuming all players are available bar injuries, unnamed and suspensions? Not sure what the deadline and benches are. Albury Bandits Round 12 Team B: H.Shaw, J.Carlisle, R.Shaw HB: A.Carrazzo (BYE), J.Watts, T.Hunt C: R.Palmer, T.Scully, M.Hibberd HF: A.Monfries, Q.Lynch, L.Shiels (BYE) F...
  8. flaps

    Round 10 Teams

    Round 10 Ballarat Dragons vs Albury Bandits Gold Coast Devils vs Rottnest Razorbacks Brisbane Bears vs Launceston Melbourne vs Harbour City Hornets Gippsland Sharks vs Port Adelaide Mozzie Bites vs Richmond St Kilda Titans vs West Coast Adelaide vs Wagga Wagga Warthogs Geelong vs...
  9. flaps

    News Tigers get no joy from bid to shift game

    Full report here: Some pretty good points made there: Of the Victorian clubs, only Richmond, Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs will make the trip to Geelong this season and the Tigers...
  10. flaps

    Ultimate Footy

    Hey Russian, Not sure if it's feasible but the website Ultimate Footy lets you create a league and everyone can have their own team much like AFL TM. Just thinking it might be easier to use that than a forum based thing like this. just an idea. We could run a keepers league (pretty much what...
  11. flaps

    Zac Dawson

    Surprised this hasn't popped up in here yet... Zac Dawson in demand By Kim Hagdorn 9 November 2011 01:43PM EST Personally, I'd hope we continue with the players we have already and let them develop. Rance, Moore, Grimes, Post and Astbury are all capable of KPB spots and I think Dawson is...
  12. flaps

    News Brett Deledio Says Solid Start Created False Hope

    Full story: Brett Deledio Says Solid Start Created False Hope It's interesting that the HUN titled the story as "Tigers too cocky after solid start"
  13. flaps

    Will Thursfield swims with Crocodiles

    HuQl7aDezlI Well I'll be damned.
  14. flaps

    Look, Dimma

    Has anyone ever noticed how many times Dimma says the work "look" before he starts is sentences? It's rather funny. Not that it really matters, but I wasn't sure if I was the only one that picked up on it. Perhaps it's a self-reassurance thing. Either that or all journalists around like to put...
  15. flaps

    News Photos of the new ME Bank Centre Just found a few (only 5) on the HS page.
  16. flaps

    Jack Dyer photos

    I'm hoping this is right section of the forums to ask this (or could it be moved if not?) Anyway, I'm thinking of getting a Jack Dyer tattoo but I was hoping someone have some good photos of him. I've done the old Google search but a lot of the photos are low quality or small and there...
  17. flaps

    Albury Bandits thread.

    Hey fellas, So I've taken over from roylion as the Manager of Carlton Lions. But I've decided to relocate the club to where I am currently living but will decide on a club nickname over the course of the off season in preparation with the club uniform too. We'll be sharing games played in...
  18. flaps


    Well hello there everyone. Glad to be a part of such a big community!