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  1. swansfan51

    Mod. Notice GotTheGoodes joins the Swans board mod team

    Cloud_ , scaryness and I are thrilled to announce GotTheGoodes as the new special moderator on the Swans board as RW gradually winds down his official duties. He has been an active and high quality member of the board for many years and is always a measured, balanced, and thoughtful...
  2. swansfan51

    Past Angus Styles - delisted 2018

    Welcome to the club Angus "Highlight reel" Bio Styles is an outside midfielder who has shown an ability to use the ball well by hand and foot. Styles represented the Sandringham Dragons in the TAC Cup competition and was impresive...
  3. swansfan51

    Player Sponsorship Swans Board Player Sponsorship 2018 - Gary Rohan is our sponsored player

    After a successful 2 years of Player Sponsorship, the Swans Board is looking to continue this initiative in 2018. Sponsored Player History 2016 - Callum Mills 2017 - George Hewett 2018 - Gary Rohan Volunteer coordinator wanted! We are looking for an interested volunteer (preferably based in...
  4. swansfan51

    Game Day Grand Final - Adelaide vs Richmond, 30 September

    Admin have determined that we need a standalone Grand Final thread, so here it is! If anyone would like to write a preview, let one of the mod team know and we'd be happy to move your preview to the opening post for visibility. Otherwise, carry on. Who will win? Who should win? Will Nankervis...
  5. swansfan51

    Preview Round 2, 2017: Sydney Swans vs Western Bulldogs

    First, lets relive a very touching moment from last year's Grand Final Now onto the preview! Lets play a game, there is a prize* for the first person to give the correct answer I carry a famous footballing surname. My father had a very successful career over more than 200 games, all for...
  6. swansfan51

    Preview Match Previews 2017

    After a great success in 2016 we are again looking for volunteers for match previews this season! How your structure the preview is up to you, but typically it includes a rundown of the squads, some key players, previous matches or some points of interest. I will link some of the examples from...
  7. swansfan51

    Player Sponsorship BigFooty Swans Board - Sponsors of George Hewett in 2017!

    After a successful first ever Player Sponsorship in 2016 where we were aligned with Callum Mills, the Swans Board is looking to continue this initiative in 2017. What we aim to do is raise enough to purchase a Redbacks Membership in the name of "Big Footy Swans Board" at the cost of $1365 (if...
  8. swansfan51

    List Mgmt. 2016 Draft/Trade/Free Agency Discussion Thread

    By popular demand, and as we're now halfway through the season, take it away in here! Who should we re-sign and who should resign? Who's a keeper and who's on the block? What do we need, and what can we offer?
  9. swansfan51

    Autopsy Round 12 vs GWS - what did you learn?

    1) Leaving Parker out of the team was a mistake. Today was a big game and he surely would have made an impact if selected 2) Tom Mitchell is our most consistent midfielder 3) Franklin is extremely difficult to keep quiet - even with nothing in the first half he ended with 18 disposals and 2.2...
  10. swansfan51

    Autopsy Round 7 vs * - what did you learn?

    Holy sh*t I'm good
  11. swansfan51

    Autopsy Round 6 vs Brisbane - what did you learn?

    Scraped over the line with a 3 point win - take it away in here.
  12. swansfan51

    Preview 2016 Round 7: Sydney Swans vs Morally Upstanding Citizens (SCG, Sat May 7th, 4:35pm)

    Unfortunately there was a different situation when I did this thread last year, due to the AFL's "independent" and "fair" tribunal acting like Steve Harvey however.... Justice is finally served! Robbo reacts in shock Game Details Round 7, May 7th 2016, 4:35pm Sydney Cricket Ground...
  13. swansfan51

    Moved Thread Sam Reid confirmed to be playing in the NEAFL this weekend! For the Giants
  14. swansfan51

    Autopsy Round 5 vs West Coast - what did you learn?

    Wet, scrappy and imperfect, but a 39 point win in the end. Take it away in here
  15. swansfan51

    Autopsy Round 4 vs Adelaide - what did you learn?

    Take it away in here, discuss the performance of the team (including the alleged defence)
  16. swansfan51

    Autopsy Round 2 vs Carlton - what did you learn?

    Sydney 131 defeat Carlton 71. Keep it going in here :thumbsu:
  17. swansfan51

    Universal Love Reid confirmed as a shock inclusion this weekend: will play CHB ... for Collingwood against Richmond
  18. swansfan51

    Autopsy Round 1 vs Lollingwood - what did you learn?

    A very strong win to open the season, carry on with the discussion in this thread :thumbsu:
  19. swansfan51

    Mod. Notice Match Previews 2016 - claim one here!

    After the great success last year it would be fantastic to have these running again in 2016. Those returning will know the deal, for the new arrivals: the basic concept is that you nominate a game you like the look of, and in the week leading up to the game you post a preview to start the...
  20. swansfan51

    Strategy List Management 101

    List Management 101 Welcome to List Management 101. This may become a series, depending on how interesting people find it. It will contain evidence-based assessments of various aspects of list management, like my previous detailed review of our drafting history. Episode 1 - Position valuations...