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  1. swansfan51

    Player Watch #13 Oliver Florent - potential 5 time Brownlow winner

    Comparison seems to show that Ablett was an elite scorer while still beating Florent in almost every other area, while Florent was just getting mediocre numbers in the middle as his full-time role. Seems like a great comparison, I'm leaving it up
  2. swansfan51

    Toast Complete Champions for our Club

    Franklin is a better player than Goodes. I will die on this hill (and 90% of neutrals will agree with me) No player has ever had more All-Australian selections which speaks to his incredible consistency, which is often overlooked because of his match-winning moments of brilliance EDIT: My 3...
  3. swansfan51

    Player Watch #12 Josh P. Kennedy (c) - King Kennedy, the contested possession king.

    Kennedy was fine this year, still our 2nd highest clearance winner and had great output. Has been a champion for a long time, love it and I'm glad he's still around in 2022
  4. swansfan51

    Past Ryan O'Keefe - 2012 Norm Smith medalist, retired 2014

    My annual repost of Hannebery going head-to-head against O'Keefe and collapsing like there was a sniper in the building, while O'Keefe charges on ROK clearly wasn't flashy enough and doesn't get enough respect for his incredible consistency and output in the middle that year
  5. swansfan51

    Opinion Posts That Don't Deserve a Thread (Random Opinion or Questions)

    Nice! Are he and Cousins the only 2?
  6. swansfan51

    Opinion Posts That Don't Deserve a Thread (Random Opinion or Questions)

    Best I can do is Richard Cousins, but he was from SA Drafted by North Melbourne with pick #9 in 1982 Drafted by Western Bulldogs with pick #6 in 1986
  7. swansfan51

    Opinion Posts That Don't Deserve a Thread (Random Opinion or Questions)

    That's a great question, I assume you mean in the top 10 of the National Draft twice (not PSD etc)? I can't think of anyone, its so rare to be drafted twice, Luke Ball was a high profile one. I can't think of the answer without checking the research room
  8. swansfan51

    Player Watch #41 Hayden McLean

    I don't see him ever being capable of being a dominant key forward target (although a handy 2nd / 3rd target). I'd actually really like him to be able to fill multiple roles around the ground, there is always a spot for a 197cm player who can take strong marks and contest well. If he could...
  9. swansfan51

    Review Pre 2021 Trade Period Discussion

    And triple premiership player Nankervis. Nankervis has more premierships in the past 80 years than the Swans do
  10. swansfan51

    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals

    Paddy McCartin if we redraft him. If we drafted any other gutless thug who coward punched someone off the ball, there would be an outcry.
  11. swansfan51

    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals

    That seems to be the best offer available
  12. swansfan51

    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals

    We were extremely light touch on delistings though, could easily clear more space if we wanted
  13. swansfan51

    Certified Legendary Thread Sneaking in to the Grand Final............

    Forced labour in the iron ore mines
  14. swansfan51

    Past Jordan "I don’t think Sydney fans should be nervous at all" Dawson: Grand Theft Completed, traded 2021 to Adelaide

    The player has to agree to be traded, and he has chosen Adelaide, not Port
  15. swansfan51

    News Swans Talk in the Media: 2021

    By far the best and highest paid player to ever come out of the Swans academy. Mills + Heeney + others combined.
  16. swansfan51

    Player Watch #20 Sam Reid

    I can't see why we would get rid of Sam. Lack of talent or output hasn't seen him moved on in the past, so I don't see why it would now when he is into his 12th season in 2022 and surely on the verge of reaching his potential.
  17. swansfan51

    Traded Jordan Dawson traded to Adelaide for F1 (Melb)

    This has made it into my sig
  18. swansfan51

    Past George Hewett - free agent to Carlton, 2021

    Harley 2 days ago: Clearly not too much fullness of time was required. Not sure exactly who that weak bluff was aimed at.
  19. swansfan51

    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals

    For a foundation club born in Victoria and existing there for the vast majority of our history, with the majority of our premierships won as a Victorian club, a lot of our supporters really seem to hate Victorians.
  20. swansfan51

    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals

    Are other clubs meant to help us out now? Is this a charity?