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  1. Baz_hawk

    Roast 2019 Membership

    Just received a letter from the club regarding the 2019 membership and my impending renewal. Originally I was a Silver member which was then moved to a Bronze membership when they decided to split these up. This meant my reserved seat was kept as it was up in the Q49 area. Fair enough, after all...
  2. Baz_hawk

    Autopsy JLT tune up 2.0 :: Vs North Melbourne

    Game 2 of our preseason kicks off in just under a week so thought we should get a discussion going around what we would like to see in our second hit out. Not much meaning behind the results on these games but a good chance for some young guys to have a run and find their feet in the system at...
  3. Baz_hawk

    Universal Love Captain Roughie Congratulations to the big fella, can't wait to see him back out there.
  4. Baz_hawk

    Scape Goat The Umpires thread

    This thread is dedicated to the sooks complaining about the Umpires after every Hawks game. Feel free to quote your favourite melts in here, be sure to remove the username from the quoted text as per the board rules. And to the sooks, especially the one on the train I'm on, Eat a giant bag of...
  5. Baz_hawk

    Universal Love Shane Crawford

    Deserves a thread for his legendary Hawks player. Not only was he a gun for us as a player but his work outside the game is immense and deserves all the attention possible. His new journey, riding a bike from Melbourne to Perth all for Breast Cancer awareness speaks volumes of the guy and his...
  6. Baz_hawk

    Preview Hawks vs Demons: Ins/Outs & so on...

    Final round before the bye for the Hawks and we get a match which on paper looks to be a certain win. Can't see the media pumping up Melbourne's tyres and there performance against the Dockers this evening was insipid after they showed some real fight last weekend. Listening to Clarko post match...
  7. Baz_hawk

    News 25% off HawksNest

    Since we have broken our membership figure from last year the HawksNest have 25% off all stock (memorabilia not included). Good time to snag yourself a Guernsey for $90 ;) Anyone know what the size difference is between these and Puma gear from last year?
  8. Baz_hawk

    Opinion Best 22 by end of 2013

    As the club begins pre season for another year, the South Africans turn a decent cricket match into a boring brick wall affair and Adelaide struggles to deal with losing another forward to the Hawks I get quite bored and create threads which have probably been done to death. Alas, here's the...
  9. Baz_hawk

    News Hawks team up with iiNet Big signing, now hopefully hawks members get a discount on iinet services ;)
  10. Baz_hawk

    For Sale: Spector Guitar and Amp

    Spector Electric guitar and Crate Amp. Great condition, barely been used. Guitar Amp Basic tuner Guitar strap Guitar stand $900 the lot. Pick up preferred but if you want it sent you'll have to arrange freight. Thanks
  11. Baz_hawk

    Sub rule

    Do you like the current sub rule or prefer having 4 on the bench? Your opinion should be based on whether you like the sub rule more than the 4 on the bench rule and not just on the rule alone. Just looking to see where everyone stands on the issue.
  12. Baz_hawk

    News Gibson extends contract until end of 2014
  13. Baz_hawk

    The AFL, Umpiring department & Rules commitee

    This has probably been done to death but now that the season is over I figure this discussion is warranted. As to my understanding, umpires are part time employees and have no say in relatin to the rules commitee. Correct me if that assumption is incorrect. If the AFL is serious about running...
  14. Baz_hawk

    Preview 2012: Who will step up?

    This year we were lucky to have such a large number of young players step up and play there role in our side. Suckling, Shiels, Puopolo, Smith and Breust were all brought into the side and added something to the side. Obviously Breust was very unlucky to lose his spot after the first final, but...
  15. Baz_hawk

    If the game was played at the MCG Carlton would have won...

    ...oh wait. :o First week exit for the tankers. :thumbsu:
  16. Baz_hawk

    News Pelchen resigns.....and is now a Saint Didn't see this coming. Has deserved us well and wish him all the best for the future.
  17. Baz_hawk

    SQL help

    EDIT: problem solved. nothing to see here :)
  18. Baz_hawk

    Hawks tattoo

    Hey guys I'm looking at getting a tatt of a hawk, i haven't decided if i want the logo or just a hawk with a small amount of text under it. Need some ideas and suggestions. Also if you have a hawk tattoo, post a pic :) Cheers
  19. Baz_hawk

    Injury Gibbo has done a Hammy ...

    Looks bad according to Triple M :thumbsd:
  20. Baz_hawk

    December 8, 2004- RIP Dimebag

    5 Years passed since the great man died. His legend lives on. _j-8tn4nmow RIP.