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    vale Dicky Wearmouth

    Noticed in the herald sun deaths that Dicky Wearmouth passed away. Father of Ronnie ( Collingwood). 100 games 27 goals 1944-1952
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    Nominated Rookie

    On sports 927 they were talking about nominated rookie for example at Carlton the NR is Zach Tuohy he can play in the seniors without waiting for a long term injury has anyone heard on this and if it is correct who is our Nominated Rookie Cheers Algy:cool:
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    Treasures in the Shed

    I viewed some old Bulldog games from my late dad's shed- the 1998 Reserves Grand final win and games from 99,2000 and 2001. A come from behind win against Melbourne another come from behind game at Geelong 42 points down in the 2nd quarter GRANT kicks the winning goal. A drawn game against...
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    John Hastings

    Is John Hastings still with Footscray edgewater cricket club
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    Central Districts Bulldogs

    :)Congrats to the Central District Bulldogs in the SAFNL 9 Flags in 11 years what a great effort. Maybe we could learn something from them. They were very ordinary for many many years and when they did play on a final could never win one, and later on when they did make the grand final they...
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    Victory Room

    :cool:As a first year member of the Social Club i have been a little disapointed with the VICTORY ROOM. The meals are very ordinary ( not up to pub standard) only 3 meals to pick from and there is not many tables and chairs available.Unless you get there more than 1 hour before the game its...
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    Elimination final 2006

    Every one would have thought that after the 2006 Elilminaion final the Bulldogs where miles in front of Collingwood for a future tilt at a flag. Where has it all gone wrong, have the Pies recruited better than us or has Malthouse taken more risks in playing younger players. Opinions...
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    Who has the record for playing the most seconds/ reserves games for the FOOTSCRAY FOOTBALL CLUB----Example Grant Simmons 1970-1976 or Les Bartlett 1968-70-72-75. I wonder if any one apart from the Club has kept records of seconds games.
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    Training Report Wednesday 27/1/09

    Attended today and report on the following players. Boueman looks fit and very mobile, Hall led well in a 20minute practice match had 3 shots on goal, Boyd Higgens Cross Aka all dominated, Stack kicked 2 and with Hill looked very slick, Hargrave was in form , also serviceable were Picken...
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    Old lady at training

    I was at training today and was entertained by an old lady who was a gem, she new every player even the newies . As i struggled to recognize anyone except EAGLE and JOHNO she was naming everyone during a 15 minute practice match. There is TUTI he's a real goer and thats THORNY he is silky...
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    Jake Edwards

    What about Jake Edwards delisted by Carlton! son of Butch and grandson of 1954 PREIMERSHIP PLAYER Arthur, any one seen him play , he played 5 games in 2008 and from memory looked ok. -- a late draft pick ??????????.
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    Draft Question

    Dear fellow Bulldogs my question is what happens if WB decided to delist Lynch and Eagleton just using these two as a possible example and i hope they don't ! but just say that they did, would we get 2 extra picks in the novemeber draft :cool:
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    John hastings

    Is john hastings who played a number of shield & one day games for victoria late last year still playing for the bushrangers. He was also playing for footscray edgewater in the district cricket:) comp.
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    Central districts

    :)Well done Central Districts , 8 Flags in 10 years it just proves what can be done, by a team and a culture that prior to 2000 never looked like winning anything. Roy Laird the coach now has 6 flags--- might be worth a look at. Imagine if we won 8 flags and had 10 grand final appearances in a...
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    Tickets for members Canberra Game

    Dear Comrads, I hold a gold seat membership level 2 for all home games at ETIHAD STADIUM, when i enquired with the football club about if i could use my membership ticket to get into the ground (Canberra) i was told NO because it is a fully tickerted game i will have to purchase a ground...
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    Vale George Tribe

    Former Australian Test Cricketer and Footscray Footballer has passed away , he was 88 . George was a spin bowler and played in the Bradman era 1946-47 . He also played cricket for Footscray before they entered the district cricket ranks.:(
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    Pubs City side of MCG

    :thumbsu:Fellow bulldogs next week there are a few of us going to the game on the train we are looking for a pub on the city side of the MCG. I note that many pubs in flinders street have closed ! can any one help with a pub on the city side within reasonable distance . Hotels on the richmond...
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    Training report Friday 9/1/09

    They had a practice match for about 20 minutes, Higgens was the stand out playing on the ball as did Cross, Cordy looks the goods he led well and kicked 2 goals he has nice pace and good hands, Grant also showed flashes, Cooney and Harris both played, didn't see Gia and Murphy ran laps...
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    Games at Whitten Oval 2010

    I was reading the Williamstown Football Club NOVEMBER newsletter and it said that Home games for WILLY in 2010 will be played at Whitten Oval. Good news i think. cheers Algy
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    Vics in test team

    Could some one please tell me the last time 3 victorians played in a test match.