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    List Mgmt. 2019 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals Thread

    Just want to see how your ruck stocks are rated and good luck for the rest of the season Sinclair #1 when fit Naismith needs to get on the park next year to see how he stands up to weekly football after his injury Cameron needs opportunities so likely to leave? Knoll insurance and will develop...
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    Past Alex Johnson - thank you for all your service, delisted 2018

    Hope I am not intruding but the Johnson story is one of great courage and perseverance and for him to play in the NEAFL is a great achievement and hopefully he can play out the season injury free and if possible an AFL appearance would be the stuff of movies And I would be interested in how the...
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    Swans best 22 in 2018?

    Good win the other day guys and Buddy looking for another coleman this year Will Naismith play on friday night? missed as to why he was a withdrawal from the game
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    Swans best 22 in 2018?

    Hayward had a great year and he will only be better this year and with Papley one of them should be able to get over 30 goals this year who would you have in front of Florent? And for this year would you see him playing some time in the midfield or in the backline? Plenty of options for the...
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    Swans best 22 in 2018?

    Hey guys looking forward to an all sydney GF this year? :p I am interested in where you guys see Hayward and Florent playing this year? Both to play forward this year or do they have the potential for periods in the midfield? Hayward had a great year and he should back that up
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    2nds Swans Reserves 2017

    Massacre at Henson park, they should have pushed harder and gone for the double hundred:'( You are looking good for the premiership this year and although not a consolation to me it indicates that the youngsters on the list are talented and the next 2 years they will step up to be good AFL...