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  1. Heeney2Franklin

    Toast Deathriding Melbourne 2022!

    We hold Melbourne first round pick for 2022 Our very first deathride thread!
  2. Heeney2Franklin

    Universal Love Season 2021 15 wins 7 losses 120%

    Well here we are what a superb season the Swans have provided us nobody would of predicted a 5th or 6th finish or could of predicted the impact Hickey, Gulden, Jmac, Warner and to a lesser extent McDonald early in the season. No matter what happens next week the team has exceeded all...
  3. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy 87 point win against Gold Coast

    Set up by the first quarter helped by GCS appalling pressure early on. Dawson, Parker, Franklin and Heeney were the standouts Papley was good as well Hickey was everywhere roving his own taps! McLean had a good 4th quarter but game was long fizzled out by then. Florent kicking is a worry dont...
  4. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy Rd 22: 14 point win over North Melbourne

    North could of won this game had they been better in the 1st and 2nd QTR i expect them to move up the ladder in 2022. Hickey and Parker absolute colossus, Hayward sealed the game late but Papley got us a comfortable lead early on. Blakey injury looks serious sadly oh special mention to McClean...
  5. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy 40 point win over Dockers - Round 19, 2021

    Fyfe going off was a huge turning point in the game i felt game would of been a lot closer had he not seemed to deflate the whole Fremantle side. Papley had a mare i thought shanked some set shots and picked the wrong targets. Heeney and Blakey were outstanding.
  6. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy Demolition against West Coast - Rd 16

    Well fu** me dead where did that performance come from?? Hard to really fault a weakness or a weaklink from that performance the narrow ground really suits our defence. Mills and Parker absolutely feasted on their mids
  7. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy Garbage vs Hawthorn - Rd 13

    Mitchell beat our midfield by himself Back to struggling to kick 50 pts ???? ???? Cant take anything else from this game. Season derailing loss.
  8. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy 9 point scrapfest against Saints. Rd 12, 2021

    Whoever was on Higgins needs to be dropped i dont care who it was almost cost us the game. Probably the most ridiculous umpiring i have seen. Kept them in it for way to long through ridiculous errors under no pressure Amartey! was good Heeney was great but stuffed 2 easy shots at goal. Ryder...
  9. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy 22 point win over Carlton - Rd 11, 2021

    Peculiar game with a lot of momentum swings and ebbs and flows. Just way to many frees given away Dawson needs to learn to roll opponenets. Mclean is a headscratcher, McCartin i get is a first year KPD but could of had 7 kicked on him today playing way to far behind his opponent. Stephens its...
  10. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy Rd 10: 2 point loss to Fremantle

    Out scored them for 3 of the 4 quarters and still lost. Non existent 3rd quarter. Team is not ready to play finals we lose games we should win and win games we shouldn't. Contested marking wtf happened there.
  11. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy 30 point grind against Collingwood - Rd 9, 2021

    Ugly style of game very few link up plays and transition untill the end of the last quarter. Hewett flogged Mihocek who i thought would give us trouble today Another slow start at the SCG Blakey ehhh still dont see it scratches head to his credit crashes packs hard with such a slim frame. Win...
  12. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy 2 point loss to Giants. - Rd 5, 2021

    I hate derbies That was a awful loss but it felt like it was coming lots of players hit the wall today Hickey injured was the turning point but Reid did ok. 2 point loss disguised as a 6 goal loss so we keep percentage.
  13. Heeney2Franklin

    Live Event fu** you all - Thursday Night Battle of the Melters 🦢 v 🍩

    Constant whinging of Academies 3 threads on the Mainboard sooking about academies STFU we are 3-0 beaten 2 top 4 teams on their home ground with one of the youngest list in the comp.
  14. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy v Richmond - Swans win by 45

    Well what do you say to that? Book your September tickets
  15. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy Round 2, 2021 v Adelaide Crows

    Kicked over 100 points again. Gulden, Warner and Mcdonald had very good games again Franklin was more than handy. Plentyy to work on and improve some of the kick ins were really bad and gave Adelaide a lot of chances they couldn't convert Midfield for a bit couldnt win the ball at all in the...
  16. Heeney2Franklin

    Toast Lance Franklin and Jesinta Franklin welcome a baby boy Best wishes and health to their 2nd child!
  17. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy Eagles defeat Swans by 34

    More than decent first half then they stepped up the pressure and we couldnt go near them even with them being a man down. We dont have the skillset needed to go down the middle consistently but we look good when it does come off. So much inconsistency between our players each quarter we cant...
  18. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy 53 point win against Melbourne - Rd 22

    Florent, Allir, Rampe were terrific Dawson, Reid and Menzel very handy up forward add McCartin to that list to.
  19. Heeney2Franklin

    Autopsy 47 point loss vs Port Adelaide

    Looked well and truly our ladder position today Conceded almost 70! inside 50's Florent and Jones were very good in the first 2 quarters when we were in the game Allir WTF took 1 mark today dropped everything else. How do we keep giving away so many frees 26-11 today
  20. Heeney2Franklin

    News Volkswagen extends its partnership to 2022

    More importantly i dont see Franklin anywhere :o