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    Player Watch #47 Bigoa Nyuon

    Massive. I forgot all about that tragic story. Gone too soon.
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    Player Watch #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

    Fair point he has evasiveness and quick ball to foot. Could be handy in that pos in future. Tank will be key.
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    Player Watch #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

    Parker played a completely different position fwd/wing. RCD needs to be in the guts 95% of the time.
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    Player Watch #40: Callum Coleman-Jones

    Not sure he was ever going to be a great first ruckman. I think he’d be most missed as a fwd.
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    Covid-19 Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Part 4 - Ivermectin doesn't work either.

    I got to say from some of the footage leaked to me I was rooting for rubber bullets to pierce skin and cops to mete out some punishment. I have little empathy for people that have no respect for the law or other’s safety and property.
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    Player Watch #40: Callum Coleman-Jones

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this was a club sanctioned message. I agree with the sentiment.
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    What rules would you change/fix to make the game more watchable?

    I’m with you the htb, prior and incorrect disposal needs to be simplified. Incorrect disposal should be the focus. Certain teams are abusing this with slick throws. It’s so bloody obvious. I agree on the too high too. You duck, drop knees or raise your arm it’s play on regardless of contact...
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    Roast Change in gamestyle.

    Mind you the surge hasn’t worked consistently either. Our connection into the 50 has been poo all year. Even the VFL suffers from the same. Forward and Defensive mechanisms are far from elite. Although Defence is likely suffering from the speed it’s rebounding out of our FWD area.
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    Roast Change in gamestyle.

    This! Missing McRae and Leppa badly.
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    Roast Change in gamestyle.

    Mate you say game plan hasn’t changed then in the next sentence we’re using chip sh*t footy. Our uncontested numbers are way above their median. The plan has been tweaked. There’s no other way to explain land of the giants tonight. He opted for tall targets to pressure players. That’s not our DNA.
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    Roast Change in gamestyle.

    One too many rule change SHocking won.
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    There’s a bit of niggle in them. It’s obviously part of the game plan. Even Hipwood was playing tough guy. You reckon we can get Townsend out of retirement or perhaps that’s what Parker is for.
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    Sydney Stack Discussion

    All of the above is correct but don’t forget he’s a young bloke. My dick made all my decisions until 25. The penny will drop it’s just a matter of when. All of his indiscretions were disappointing but not serious. He’ll be ok.
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    Player Watch Player 26, who are you? 😁

    He’s got a bit of the Kane Pettifers about him.
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    Sydney Stack Discussion

    I agree unless the leadership team thinks he’s presence would be toxic around the club. I don’t expect that to be the case as he seemed to be a club man and contributor from the off field snippets I’ve seen. We also need to be cognisant resources are finite. It’s a little unfair to throw that...
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    VFL Richmond VFL 2021

    I thought aflw was already gone?
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    VFL Richmond VFL 2021

    North has stated they’ll persist with both vfl and vflw. Surely we’ll keep our vfl?
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    AFL players are hopelessly out of touch

    That’s hilarious coming from a Geelong supporter [emoji23]
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    Is Tom Hawkins criminally underrated?

    Loves a sook.
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    Simonds Stadium Snubbed For Finals

    Bottom line does Geelong play home games at the mcg? STFU!