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    Hall of Fame Dinner

    Congrats John Schultz you were a ripper a hard working tap ruckman, who was thought very highly of by the great Polly Farmer in his book. For those to young to remember i had the pleasure of seeing him play he was strong a good tap ruckman who could go all day long. While not the best mark...
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    Favourite memory playing the Pies

    Round 8 20/5/1972 We had not beat Collingwood at Victoria Park for decades, 18 year olds we stood under the scaffold of the tv camera's drinking stubbies of Vb and watched the Doggies win Collingwood 7-14 Dogs 11-14.:D
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    vale Dicky Wearmouth

    Noticed in the herald sun deaths that Dicky Wearmouth passed away. Father of Ronnie ( Collingwood). 100 games 27 goals 1944-1952
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    NAB Cup: Rd 4 Western Bulldogs Vs Geelong @ Simmons Stadium

    No Sherman and Djerrkura would most likely mean that they would not be ready to go round 1:confused:
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    Nominated Rookie

    On sports 927 they were talking about nominated rookie for example at Carlton the NR is Zach Tuohy he can play in the seniors without waiting for a long term injury has anyone heard on this and if it is correct who is our Nominated Rookie Cheers Algy:cool:
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    Rd 3 NAB Bulldogs vs North Melb

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    Rd 3 NAB Bulldogs vs North Melb

    Out - Murphy Hargrave Cooney Boyd Inj- Morris Williams Sherman Djekurra Gilbee -----------Play the Kids good move.
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    Treasures in the Shed

    I viewed some old Bulldog games from my late dad's shed- the 1998 Reserves Grand final win and games from 99,2000 and 2001. A come from behind win against Melbourne another come from behind game at Geelong 42 points down in the 2nd quarter GRANT kicks the winning goal. A drawn game against...
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    Old Footscray games 1980's

    I have some old videos (10) in the garden shed from my late father all Bulldog games I have not looked at them but i think they are from the early 90's some maybe from the late 80's. I will dust off the old video player and have a look at this weekend. Cheers Algy.:D
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    Draft, trade rumours and draft hopes. - Part 2

    Jackson Coleman 195cm Played ok the u/18 Grand final son of Glenn who supports the doggies any one seen him play and what order would he be in the draft.:)
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    Preview Port Melbourne V Williamstown Grand Final (Sunday, 25th) (Etihad Stadium, 2:15pm)

    The coaching was hopeless who's decision was it to leave Mulligan on Galea all day -Go to the dunces corner -----------It cost Williamstown the game Galea was instrumental in at least 8 goals. We had a thread on this sight the worst player ever to play for Footscray / WB Football club- Mulligan...
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    Vale Denis Collins

    ::confused:: Has there been anything on the websight, was there a death notice from the club? very disapointing if not. When John Kerr died 2 years ago there was nothing on the websight and he was a premiership player.
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    Vale Denis Collins

    :(A solid player with great PACE and good hands he loved playing at Waverley where he could use his great asset. I also remember one night when he worked at the POWELL HOTEL with Gorden Casey where a great blue errupted in the Sportsman bar out the back. To gangs clashed over the billard...
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    Couldn't agree more give him a chance i watched him on Friday night he tried tackled and chased more than any one else on that forward line. He had a goal assist with GIA with a nice short pass was not rewarded with a one handed tackle on a Crow player in front of goal and should have slotted a...
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    Indigenous Bulldogs

    Yes he was a rodeo rider loved that better than playing VFL. He still alive and doing well.
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    Western Region FL - Division Two - Part 3

    Is the wrfl well run are they seeking new clubs for a div 3 comp, could they bring in teams from newport and flemington and what about altona centrals they missed the boat with point cook. IN MY OPINION THE STANDARD OF THE WESTERN REGION FOOTY LEAGUE HAS SLIPPED FROM THE GREAT DAYS OF THE...
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    Dogs v Roos in Ballarat - 12/03

    Had a look on Saturday they seemed to be coasting at times , as the North Coach said the Dogs experimented for the 1st 10 Min of the last quarter but full credit to North when EADE put our better players back on the ground North kept coming and finished all over the top of us. I am impressed...
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    NAB 3 - Vs Fremantle in Whoop-Whoop

    Whats wrong with Cordy ? He was ordinary in the intra club at whitten oval looked slow. I had high hopes about him to!.:cool:
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    Intra Club Match

    Still nothing official on the Clubs websight ? Coon dog normally has his finger on the pulse or does someone else no for sure.:eek:
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    Where is the WRFL heading?

    Yes i agree WRFL should have chased hard at (Point Cook amo league) and they should have a club at Newport and also at Flemington/ Nth Melbourne Kensington. They say that they are going to increase the 2nd division what about giving Central Altona a second chance.