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  1. Brittany

    INXS here in March

    Sat. 17 Mar. - Perth, AUS at WACA Tues. 20 Mar. - Adelaide, AUS at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre Thur. 22 Mar. - Hobart, AUS at the Derwent Entertainment Centre Sat. 24 Mar. - Melbourne, AUS at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl Tues. 27 Mar. - Canberra, AUS at the AIS Arena Wed. 28 Mar. -...
  2. Brittany

    10 Favourite Lead Singers

    I don't care if they are not "the best" but who are your favourites? My top 10 would be: 1. Michael Hutchence 2. Robert Smith 3. Nick Cave 4. Mike Patton 5. Bryan Ferry 6. Tim & Neil Finn 7. Jim Morrison 8. Ian Curtis 9. Peter Garrett 10. Mark Seymour
  3. Brittany


    Been to any of the INXS concerts lately? They come to Perth on Tuesday and I am going..and I would like to know if they were anygood live. I've been waiting for this concert for years and I can't wait so I hope they are not disappointing.
  4. Brittany

    Nick Cave going to BDO?

    Some people told me today that there is a rumour going around that Cavey is going to the there any truth to it? If so I am definetly going :thumbsu:
  5. Brittany

    She Wants Revenge

    Is anyone a fan of this band? I heard the song "Tear You Apart" the other day and loved it so I decided to buy their album. They are a relatively new band from America, there music style is goth/indie rock. They remind me a bit of The Cure and Franz Ferdinand. The lead singer kinda sounds like a...
  6. Brittany

    Top 10 Fave Albums

    I know this thread has been done, but meh. Now they can be your all time fave albums, or fave albums at the moment or whatever.. Anyways mine are: 1. Disintegration - The Cure 2. Elegantly Wasted - INXS 3. Angel Dust - Faith No More 4. The Wall - Pink Floyd 5. The Boatmans Call - Nick Cave &...
  7. Brittany

    Best Drummers

    Well we’ve had threads about best Guitarists and best Bass players, so how about now we discuss who we think are the best drummers..i only have one in mind and that is Jon Farriss from INXS who a few times was described as one of the best drummers in the world. Anyways I would like to hear who...
  8. Brittany

    Favourite Faith No More Songs...

    Hai i was just wondering how many people on here like Faith No More and what their fave songs are of theirs... Mine are.. Last Cup Of Sorrow Ashes To Ashes Gentle Art Of Making Enemies We Care Alot Digging The Grave Evidence Stripsearch All of Angel Dust
  9. Brittany

    Favourite "Pink Floyd" Songs

    Just wondering what everyones fave Pink Floyd songs are.. heres mine.. Comfortably Numb Wish You Were Here Sorrow High Hopes Brain Damage\Eclipse Money Another Brick In The Wall Shine on you crazy Diamond Time/on the run Keep talking Learning to fly