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  1. Upgrayedd

    Health Weight Lifting

    Hi guys Im starting to get into weightlifting, playing basketball for years and I'm starting to slow down, so wanted to get into something else which will help my lower body strength and all that jazz. No impressive numbers, But would like tips/help from guys who actively know their sh*t...
  2. Upgrayedd

    AFL asking Dancers to work for free Could we just fire whoever's in charge of the GF entertainment and get someone on work experience to do it to save some $$$?
  3. Upgrayedd

    Lance Franklin, Trash. What do you think guys? My opinion is that its good to see his ego isn't big enough that he thinks he's above taking out the bins
  4. Upgrayedd

    Hawthorn and the Link with Tom Hawkins. The Reason Tom Hawkins such a headcase?

    Is because he's closely linked with Hawthorn Now here me out Tom Hawkins Hawthorn Hawks Anyone else suprised? I thought we needed another hawthorn thread
  5. Upgrayedd

    Essendon. Congratulations on the second most successful year in 16 years!

    Getting within 10 goals of their finals opponents is a rare sight for bombers fans, but like in 2014 they managed to dig deep and have a brave loss. So after a rocky season IMO like last year they have finished up strong and are in a great position to challenge again next year
  6. Upgrayedd

    Gil has ruined the league. Vale Deadlys.

    Shattered guys. As a lifelong Deadlys fan I can't believe Gil has the nerve to think he can just fold my team I understand how the Roy boys feel now. :( Vale Deadlys.
  7. Upgrayedd

    Whisk(e)y Thread!

    Didnt see one So after being a beer rep for a couple of years and leaving that industry, It's given me time to go back to one of my first loves in Irish Whiskeys. (basically because my job title means i dont have to drink about 7 different beers a day) My pallet is still getting used to whats...
  8. Upgrayedd

    New AFL video game being made! I hope it makes its way to ps4.
  9. Upgrayedd

    Commonwealth bank to be fined $700M Dollars$700-million-fine-money-laundering-breach/9831064 They really need those lower tax rates now.
  10. Upgrayedd

    I legitamately feel pity for Essendon

    Hi Bay This topic hits close to my heart. Remember the days of the essendon before, when they were just one of those scummy salary cap cheats who accused other teams of drug use and cheap shots on field? Me either Today's essendon, well, It breaks my heart, The team currently holding the...
  11. Upgrayedd

    NBL 2018/19 Season

    Thought I would start a new thread for this season Kings sign some washed up Center, Bogut? Never heard of him
  12. Upgrayedd

    Looking to become a Serious beancoin Investor?

    Hi My name is Rhys fernan..... (wait, no, Lets say John Smith, that's better and untraceable) and I've become filthy rich with proper shrewd investment into beancoin Who likes to be filthy Rich?? For a small fee of 500 actual tangible dollars. You can recieve the latest tips, tricks and...
  13. Upgrayedd

    New Bigfooty Crypto Currency, Rioli Rands!

    New Exciting Crypto Currency has hit the Market, Promising to blow up soon! Famous Commentator has already blown a load (Of cash) over this. Quickly buy before the market dictates it was over-rated and doesnt really do much anyways!
  14. Upgrayedd

    Like Cricket, Should we introduce rain delays to AFL?

    It makes complete sense. -While we're not at a professional level, we shouldnt be letting water and soaked fields ruin our game into low scoring slugfests. -Not to mention the health effects of these men running around in the rain for hours. -Like the recent WACA test, it introduces a tension...
  15. Upgrayedd

    Unofficial Bigfooty Week 3 NBA thread

    Lift your game Peter North! Also, Where can we return Teague?
  16. Upgrayedd

    Dudded by League pass this season? Telstra is offering full refunds. I'm absolutely taking advantage, annoyed the hell out of me it was locked to a phone resolution and i couldnt watch it on my tablet full screen. I'ld recommend you please take the same action
  17. Upgrayedd

    How good has Patrick Ryder been this season?

    Using Yards please as the official measurement While he'll start getting talked about for that Brilliant piece of ruck work which won Port the game against Saints, He's been head and shoulders above anyone this season Came off his suspension and has slayed it, big reason why Port are still in...
  18. Upgrayedd

    NBL 2017/18 Season

    Well Brisbane have lost Torrey Craig after a good showing in the Denver summer league Prather isn't re-signing with the Wildcats
  19. Upgrayedd

    Hawks Bandwagoner here. AMA (Will disappear by 3qtr time)

    Hi. Long time hawks fan here (Supported through the tough times of 2010/2011/2012 where we didn't even win a premiership) with me and my 3 dogs who are also members Fire away, Quickly, Will be deleting my account soon!
  20. Upgrayedd

    Hours since the NRL had a drugs scandal

    Was going to make a days since, but lets be honest here... Are we at 21 hours yet? Solid effort