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    Which player has the worst Cricinfo mugshot?

    Was just checking Jos Buttler's 2018 stats and he's got the crazy eyes going on pretty badly:
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    NSW Blank

    Nothing to see here.
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    Vic Upper House Voting Reform

    So, as widely predicted for many months, the upper house poll has been a complete debacle. Transport Matters looks like they've got 2 seats with 0.6% of the vote, compared to the Greens getting one from 9.2%. Any word on abolishing group ticket voting, or at least allowing above the line...
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    Greens Sexual Misconduct Scandal

    Surprised not to see a thread about this. An ABC 7:30 investigation into sexual assault and harassment complaints in NSW, ACT and Victoria has prompted questions about the Greens processes for handling allegations. It's blown up a bit and there is noise about it triggering mass resignations...
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    Rumours about Shorten

    Anyone know what Cash was on about? Surely if there was any substance to what she was insinuating, we'd have heard about it after 'years and years'.
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    Doug Anthony Allstars

    More harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry:
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    Education & Reference University Hazing Is this really news? I mean, I went to an historic college at one of the sandstones fifteen years ago and I'm not that surprised by any of this stuff. John's has a garbage culture...
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    The Cabinet Files Hilarious stuff.
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    Best Test Innings by an Opener

    Cook's innings had me thinking about the above. Highest score by an opener when carrying his bat definitely puts him in the discussion. Taylor's 334* in Peshawar in 1998 is possibly my pick, although it admittedly wasn't the greatest Pakistani attack that he made it against. Hayden's 203 in...
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    Cummins Overrated?

    Worst strike rate and average of all our bowlers so far this series. Has struggled to lead the attack this Test. At least he's been economical. I mean, I rate him, but he doesn't get nearly as much stick as someone like Starc - which seems odd given their respective returns.
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    Time to scrap 5-Test series?

    Can't remember the last time a team lost 2 of the first 3 Tests, but went on to draw/win the series. Is there any value to 5 Test series any more? Particularly with the increased number of Test-playing nations. I'd rather have 2x 3 Test series in the summer, and have more live matches.
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    Jim Maxwell has lost the plot

    Listening to him so far this Test match, it's clear his stroke has seriously affected him. Slow witted, confusing players, and prone to nonsensical angry outbursts. Please, someone put him out of his misery.
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    Science/Environment Schizophrenia and Cannabis

    Just noticed this while reading the article about Raina Thaiday's sentencing: If you haven't heard about the case, she killed her 8 children during a schizophrenic episode and was found not guilty due to mental illness. I don't have a problem with the sentence. What did...
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    Cricket Statistics

    Just curious how many stats nerds we have out there, and where you get your data from. Do you use a web interface like Statsguru, download cubes from other websites, or compile scorecards manually to create your own database? I have always wanted access to a reliable and comprehensive source...
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    Can someone explain the Shield points system to me?

    I have been trying to understand it all season, but two rounds left and I'll be damned if I can work out the equations for each team.
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    Pune Pitch Rated 'Poor' by Match Referee Not saying it was a great pitch, but I am disappointed that the venue's going to be punished for it. For all the complaints it played okay and plenty of wickets fell to pace. Feels like a decision like this will...
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    Sayers v Behrendorff

    Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the two clear standout pace bowlers of the current Shield season, and which should be next in line for Test duty? Am assuming the selectors like Dorff better on account of being younger, faster and left-handed. However Sayers gets very lethal late...
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    Is Nadal Cooked?

    Got to say, I'm a bit shocked to see Nadal lose tonight. Not only was he error-prone, but he displayed genuine mental fragility on some key points - which is something I'd never have expected from him. If he's losing to an old Federer on 'blue clay', I really wonder if he has the stuff to...
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    Matthew Wade - how long?

    Over / under on him being dropped again? Am tipping the India series.
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    C'wealth The Greatest Race You've Never Heard Of

    Ran across this fantastic oral history of the 5000m at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland while looking for something else: If you don't know the result, do yourself a favour and watch the race (top videos) before...