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    Why are the Suns still being flown to Covictoria this weekend?

    Is this how biased our media is that nobody is questioning how nonsensical this is? Why hasn’t the game been moved to Canberra or Darwin? Is it that important the Cats play at home even if it “contaminates” the Suns by crossing the border?
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    Kolodjashnij lotto

    Who are your picks for the first media figure to... - get the name horribly wrong - charge into the name thinking they have the pronunciation down only to skid off into a train-wreck - make a not-so-subtle xenophobic comment about how diverse the game is purely based on the name - demand (on...
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    Would we get squeezed into Etihad?

    Hypothetical so by all means close and delete if its a reach...but the ladder predictor says to me... Cats v Swans Hawks v Dockers Tigers v Power/Blues depending on R23 Pies v Bombers If this happens who gets squeezed into Etihad in week 1? The Tigers if they play Port? Geelong v Sydney...
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    Helen D'amico > Origin streaker

    Get with the times league, Aussie Rules beat you to the punch by 30 years
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    How many for Rough's sling on Stanton

    Hawks have Geelong, Port & GC in the next 3...not sure what it would have to be graded for Rough to escape with a reprimand. Anyone know if Stanton was badly hurt?
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    All 4 first-week finals in Melbourne now a distinct possibility

    Sydney can still finish sixth and end this possibility but if we were to entertain the hypothetical...which team gets Etihad in the first week of the finals? Remember that the four slots at FRI night, SAT arvo, SAT night and SUN arvo so there's no way all 4 can be at the MCG. Collingwood v...
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    Is South Australian footy heading for its worst AFL-era season?

    Since Port's arrival in the competition in 1997, the two worst combined win/loss seasons for the Crows and Power have been: 2nd worst - Last year: 19 wins worst - 2000: 16 wins, 1 draw All things considered pretty good given the worst Eagles-Dockers season was a combined 7 wins in 2001...
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    On the Age/Experience comparison scale what output does your young KPP need this year?

    Often used as an excuse for struggling young KPP's - "compare to riewoldt/brown after same number of games" Would be interested in how the young up-and-coming KPP at your club compares NOW to (for arguments sake) Richo, Brown, Riewoldt and Buddy at the same age/number of games experience...
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    Being top dog vs winning a premiership

    Inspired by St Kilda's relative domination of the AFL since 2004. The Saints have gone 103-49-2 in home & away since 2004, missing the finals only once (with more wins than losses) in 2007. While this has provided many fans with opportunities to gloat and enjoy being either a premiership...
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    Traditional fan heartland - graphic design challenge

    Saw this map today which plots out traditional fan-base locations for various soccer teams in London: Link to fullsize map I had a crack at making an AFL one for Melbourne but gave up pretty quickly due to a lack of image editing skills...anyone willing to give a Melbourne map a go?
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    Looking for value in the Rising Star market

    Personally I don't like the Rising Star - nominations are massively overvalued and argued about far too much to make sense - from an AFL marketing perspective it's genius because it means they're in the news cycle on dead weekdays, and there will always be fans crying hard-done by about their...
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    Expansion National second-tier league, Foxtel the broadcaster

    Link removed AFL again way out in front of competing codes when it comes to second-tier and pathway competitions. As a aussie rules/soccer fan in equal measure it makes me shake my head in dismay that one code can dominate so thoroughly while the other lags sadly behind.
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    Expansion NEAFL to bring together northern states' 2nd-tier teams

    [/FONT] yarn on AFL website: pic
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    Even Criminals Won't Support Carlton

    Posted straight to the bay...but not because I want to dig up any old arguments. More to marvel at this headline. Go to work trolls, you probably thought you'd never see the day... story here:
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    What role/s did the media play in the attempted merger of 1996

    I was only a kid back when the Hawthorn/Melbourne merger saga played out, so I'm interested to know what older fans' perceptions of the times were. To me, the whole "Dawks" thing was a major harpoon to the process. No matter what team, concessions, facilities and finances you have, you can't...
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    Think tank: Trade week/recruiting - If it ain't broke...Or does it need improvement?

    Written the following for my blog - please treat this thread as a think tank with some of the points i've raised. Anything in here that's both interesting and feasible I'll update and put in an updated post... Continues with the 5 points here:
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    Salary cap leniency for an extreme circumstance?

    Edit: Read post 9 in this thread - it looks like the AFL is well aware of the situation the grand final replay creates
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    Paul Hasleby announces his retirement

    Paul Hasleby retires A veteran of 207 games with Fremantle, Hasleby confirmed to club officials earlier today that he would not be seeking to renew his contract in 2011. Depending on fitness, the 29-year-old, who was a late withdrawal from last Saturday’s game due to swelling in his knee...
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    record punt of $500k on the Saints!

    source: Sportsbet a punter has put 500k on St Kilda to win the flag at $6, the highest ever AFL bet. saints' odds have moved in to $5 as a result.