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  1. saintsrfreak

    List Mgmt. Ben King Watch 2022

    Figured since this will be a very hot topic for the next year it was worthy of its own thread The romance, the marketing potential, the cost, the need. Many factors to consider here. My prediction is that even the most rigid of those in the 'no' camp will be feeling some temptation when Ben is...
  2. saintsrfreak

    Toast Brett Ratten - New Senior Coach

    Good luck to the Rat man, may his fortunes be better than the last couple of coaches AFL 2019: Brett Ratten to be named St Kilda’s new senior coach, becoming third caretaker to win top job September 5, 2019 7:31pm by STAFF WRITERS Source: FOX SPORTS Brett Ratten has won the St Kilda...
  3. saintsrfreak

    Welcome, Logan Austin - traded for future 3rd round pick

    Not many of us know who he is, but he'll be a Roberton-esque pickup I'm sure, praise based Ameetos
  4. saintsrfreak

    Toast Gears

    What a champion this bloke has been as captain this year. Succeeding one of the greatest players in the history of our club was always going to be a mammoth task, but I'd say pretty much all of us would reckon he's done it with aplomb. His attitude of leaving no man behind and never giving up...
  5. saintsrfreak

    Preview Saints v Lions - 1:10 on Sunday @ Etihad

    Would love to see Brandon White in, can never have too many elite kicks in the team. Shenton seems far and away our best forward playing in the VFL currently so I'd be surprised if he didn't come in for Paddy or Lonie. Hopefully we can end the year on a high note, who would've guessed 12 wins...
  6. saintsrfreak

    Preview Saints v Swans - Saturday 7:25 @ Etihad - LGBTIQ Pride Game

    Win this and we're in the box seat for a finals spot, this is probably our last shot at it so I hope they leave everything on the ground and make up for that dreadful performance against North.
  7. saintsrfreak

    When do people start to know who Tim Membrey is?

    22 years old and averaging just shy of 3 goals a game, above the likes of Jenkins, Betts, Gunston, Hogan, Riewoldt, Walker etc etc Only asking the question because it seems like whenever he kicks a bag against a team their supporters seem to think he's some spud having the game of his life...
  8. saintsrfreak

    Recommitted Brendon Goddard [re-signed until 2018]

    Word going around that he could be off to his third club apparently. Who would he be a good fit for? Richmond or North perhaps?
  9. saintsrfreak

    Post Game vs Hawks

    Saad could be a fair shout to play in the backline, puts on immense pressure, has great pace, would gather more of the ball down there. Couldn't be any worse than Shenton could he?
  10. saintsrfreak

    Toast St Kilda FC should be congratulated for initiating the Gay Pride Match (Rd 21 v Sydney)

    The resistance towards the proposed LGBTI pride match saddens me, I thought the majority of us had gotten past that kind of attitude.
  11. saintsrfreak

    Traded Rhys Stanley and pick 60 traded for pick 21

    Apparently off to the Cats for pick 21, great deal for us I'd have thought considering what he's shown so far
  12. saintsrfreak

    Game Day St Kilda vs Fremantle

    Let the slaughter begin!
  13. saintsrfreak

    Review St Kilda vs West Coast Eagles

    Lots of positives to take out of that I reckon Jack Billings, what an absolute gem. If he didn't have 100% DE he was close to it. A shoe in for the rising star nom with 25 touches, 8 marks and 3 goals. Shane Savage. Although shaky at times, by far his best game for the club. Showed some...
  14. saintsrfreak

    Sell St Kilda a key forward

    Overly dependant on Riewoldt, unproven youngsters, yada yada yada Who from your club would you be open to trading for the right price?
  15. saintsrfreak

    Toast Alan Richardson

    What a great display of match day coaching, haven't seen something like that in a while! Cheers Richo, if that's indicative of what's to come I hope you stick around for a long time :thumbsu:
  16. saintsrfreak

    Traded GWS' Josh Bruce to St Kilda for pick 48

    Looks like we're all done then :thumbsu:
  17. saintsrfreak

    Thomas > Franklin, Sylvia > Dal Santo

    According to the AFL :rolleyes: Compo system needs to be either scrapped or reworked
  18. saintsrfreak

    Review Rd 17 2013 St Kilda v Port Adelaide

    God... I mean Tom Curren had quite a good debut for only half a game Gee whiz Lee's an excellent kick for goal, has gone from average in the VFL to looking like a very promising player Rhys Stanley's confidence looks absolutely shot, needs a spell at Sandy Saunders another promising game, this...
  19. saintsrfreak

    Round 17 vs Port changes and discussion

    Let's move on from that shall we Too many smalls against Carlton, kicking not good enough Out: Milera, Dennis-Lane, Stanley In: Ross, White, Webster (Think this week is White's biggest chance after hearing what Watters said at the Sandy game)
  20. saintsrfreak

    The reason we lost

    Absolute joke.