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  1. kylegee28

    Prediction Brisbane Lions Club Champion Predictions

    Who do you see making up the top five in the Merrett-Murray Medal tonight? My guess would be 1. Dayne Beams 2. Darcy Gardiner 3. Harris Andrews 4. Stefan Martin 5. Dayne Zorko Cameron Rayner for Rookie of the Year and Claye Beams for the Reserves Best and Fairest Mods feel free to move as...
  2. kylegee28

    Las Vegas Shooting

    Hopefully all of our boys have left Vegas. Awful. :(
  3. kylegee28

    Which Team is Worse? Melbourne 2013 or Brisbane 2016

    Worst sides since Fitzroy. Who's Worse?
  4. kylegee28

    The Brisbane Lions List

    With all the talk of coaching, our players have rightfully or wrongfully, been avoiding some of discussion and criticism. So what's everyone's thoughts on the state of our list? In my opinions, our list isn't in too bad a shape. Definitely lacking depth, but I really do believe that we are...
  5. kylegee28

    Opinion Players and Coaches - Where do they stand?

    With the season coming to an end (thankfully), I think it's time to have a look where all of our players and coaches stand going into the 2016 season (rather than solely focusing on Leppa). Do you think their time is up? Do you think they've done a great job? Do you think they're trade bait...
  6. kylegee28

    Changes Round 7 vs West Coast

    So, we have a winnable game coming up at the Gabba against West Coast. Do we roll the dice on Blacky and Goose? Who comes in, Who goes out? Outs - Ace, Clarke, Green Ins - Black, Maguire, Karnezis
  7. kylegee28

    Changes Round 6 - Sydney Swans

    Coming up to (arguably) our toughest game of the year: Sydney at the SCG. Who comes in? who goes out?
  8. kylegee28

    Changes for Round 4 vs North Melbourne

    Good to finally have a win on the board (albeit an ugly one) but next week is a challenging game against Norf. Who comes in? Who goes out?
  9. kylegee28

    kylegee28's Compiled 2012 Mock Draft - 1st Round

    I'm the first to admit, that I don't follow the young players around Australia closely. Occasionally, I will have a look at the U18's championships. However... I thought it would be interesting to have a look at (most of) the Bigfooty Mock Drafts collectively, and have a look at who will be...
  10. kylegee28

    Opinion Pick 8 - Who do you want?

    After browsing through the Phantom Draft board. Most are suggesting that we will take one of three players: Oliver Wines, Dayle Garlett or Mason Shaw. So, Which of these three would you hope we take on draft day?
  11. kylegee28

    Does Amon Buchanan deserve to be Selected?

    Greetings Folks. With all the talk of selecting bigger bodies this week to face the Gold Coast, it got me wondering about Amon Buchanan. At 2's level, he has been playing at a standard that (in my opinion) would warrant team selection if he was younger. In the games he played last year, I...
  12. kylegee28

    Changes Round 16 v St. Kilda

    Alright, Round 15 has been and gone. Who do we feel will be changed this week? For mine Ins: Lisle, Black, Outs: Mckeever, Green Black is an absolute MUST. We lacked so much polish in the midfield yesterday. I think Green needs more time in the two's to work on his endurance. As for...
  13. kylegee28

    Opinion Are any Lions in line for All-Australian?

    Just wanted to know if anyone thinks any Brisbane players will be in line to make the All-Australian team, or at the very least, the Squad. For mine, the only players who I can see as a chance are Rockliff and Goose. Both are pretty long-shots though. Still plenty of time left though.
  14. kylegee28

    Toast Goose

    What has he done this season? Week in, Week out, he has been absolutely fantastic, and today was no different. Really think he deserves some more attention :thumbsu: Top 3 in our Best & Fairest so far for mine.
  15. kylegee28

    Kicking In Danger

    Greetings Folks. I was hoping someone could help shed some light on the kicking in danger rule. Why is it so inconsistent, and rarely payed? Have the rules changed? or do umpires simply ignore it most of the time? Being on the end of a boot to the face from kicking in danger, it's a...
  16. kylegee28

    Our List Changes Next Season

    With the mid-season break only a week away, I think we should all should have a relatively good idea of where our list is at, so I think we should get some opinions about who we all think will be kept, who will be traded, and who will be delisted and who will retire. I wouldn't be surprised if...
  17. kylegee28

    Changes for Round 8 - GWS

    With the Collingwood game behind us, our attentions should be turned towards GWS, who, coming off a win, will be up and about in the hope of claiming their second scalp. Who comes in for us? Who goes out? B: Golby - Merrett - Patfull HB: Adcock - Maguire - Drummond C: Polec - Raines - Rich...
  18. kylegee28

    Changes for Round 7 - Collingwood

    I know it's probably a bit quick to start this thread, however, Changes do need to be made and I'm sure most Lion's supporters will want to move on from this week anyway. :o So... Who do you think will come in, and go out of the team? My two cents: In - Raines, Green Out - McGrath, Banfield
  19. kylegee28

    Who is the better footballer - Redden or Rockliff

    Redden or Rockliff Redden is (currently) leading the Bigfooty Lions Player of the Year award, however, on opposition boards, and the Victorian media, Rockliff is widely considered the better of the two. I'm just keen to see what other's thing. IMO - Redden, by quite a distance. Mods, please...
  20. kylegee28

    Best of the last decade - Chris Judd vs Simon Black

    Which of these two, do you think has been the better player over the last ten years?