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  1. ashep

    You'll never guess what the 2021 free kick differential chart looks like

    credit: Pretty standard apart from 2 fairly large outliers in unsociable Tigers and freekick Doggies. Very interested to see how this holds up over the next month.
  2. ashep

    Pinged for playing on after the siren

    Without fail, any time a player lines up for a kick after the siren, the commentators go to great pains to point out that the player needs to kick over the man on the mark or risk being called for playing on. My question is, has this ever actually happened? In particular has it ever happened...
  3. ashep

    Least BOG performances to win the Brownlow

    It's always been interesting to me that someone could win the Brownlow without ever being the best player on the ground throughout the season. Does anyone know which winner had the least 3 vote games for their win? The lowest I found was Libba when he polled 20 votes with 3 BOGs. Interestingly...
  4. ashep

    Toast Swans to lose 4 premiership heroes and 1000+ games to retirement

    Now Kizza's officially called it quits, thought that the following deserved a thread: Jarrad McVeigh - 324 games, 2012 premiership captain, 2013 AA, 2 x Bob Skilton medallist Kieren Jack - 253 games, 2012 premiership player, 2013 AA, Bob Skilton medallist Heath Grundy - 254 games, 2012...
  5. ashep

    Dane Rampe is the best defender in the AFL

    Ok, ok. But he's top 3 at the very least. Was on his way to claiming the crown when named AA in 2016, then a rogue chain link fence set his career back a couple of years but he's back at the top of his game. Plays big, plays small, superb with ball in hand, inside or outside, does the job on...
  6. ashep

    Umpires holding up play for a team to set up

    On multiple occasions tonight, the umpires have been heard holding up Swans players because Carlton weren’t ready to get in with the play. Curnow was in the ground and told to get up because “I’m holding them up for you” In another occasion the Swans were called back because “Carlton aren’t...
  7. ashep

    In a season full of milestones...

    Kieren Jack just got a kick away off his right foot. Fremantle, hang your heads in shame.
  8. ashep

    Mitchell elbows Hannebery in the throat. How many weeks?

    Hahaha just kidding. Can't wait to see good bloke Sam out there next week.
  9. ashep

    Toast Buddy Franklin - 700 goals

    Buddy is odds on to kick his 700th this weekend against his old club and whilst most of them were kicked in brown and gold, I'm sure Swans fans can't wait to celebrate with their adopted favourite son. He's already an all time legend and should slide into the top 20 sometime in the next few...