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  1. Wildmanwok

    Guernsey Theft, Hypocrisy

    Carlton's guernsey is a blatant rip off of the Sturt Double Blues. The AFL thinks that it is ok to steal their almost identical guernsey but its not OK for PAFC to wear a totally different design of Black & White. Total joke.
  2. Wildmanwok


    Are we allowed to delist 20 players? How would that affect the PSD?
  3. Wildmanwok

    If you can accept losing, you can't win.

    Young side, reigning premier, playing away from home blah blah blah If you can accept losing, you can't win.
  4. Wildmanwok

    Heritage Round

    I'd love to see the Heritage Round be played as the first round of the NAB Cup. Play the rules of the game the same as the Heritage year or era being represented. Would be interesting to see how the new AFL players handled say 1970's rules etc... Would the game be any different? I guess we...
  5. Wildmanwok

    Tony Jones 'I'll take that as a comment'

    Yes she has changed her personal fortunes around. for now. For Anna, Cyclone Yasi was Saint Yasi. But I'm not so certain she has changed the ALP fortunes around, just yet. We are all still pissed off that such a resource rich state is now broke, we are not happy she has sold off our assets (QR...
  6. Wildmanwok

    40 minute games, the beginning of 34 rounds

    The way it looks to me is that the AFL is experimenting to reduce our game to a much shorter, 2 half game, like soccer. This way teams will be asked to play more than once a week and we will see a 34 round competition, home and away. The stupid OOB rule is a prefect diversion from the real...
  7. Wildmanwok

    How long?

    The Magpies are seemingly in their final death throes. PAFC, heading south on the field, crowd numbers as poor as they can get (I hope) and major sponsors hard to come by. I know its a pessimistic view and maybe due to depression over the weekends lost opportunity but I am really starting to...
  8. Wildmanwok

    By God we are sh*t

    Enough said
  9. Wildmanwok


    Was wondering what you guys are thinking about Harvey? Has he got what it takes?
  10. Wildmanwok


    We are young dumb and full of cum. When we play well we play very well, when we play bad we play very bad. Its called immaturity, and guess what if you want a champion team in the future then when that teams is young and immature it needs full support not this crucifiction that goes on. God...
  11. Wildmanwok

    Do PAFC really want members?

    I truly wonder. If you send an email to the membership email address relating to your membership details and updating them so you can get what you paid for with your membership fee, is it reasonable to expect someone to reply? Further, I wonder how many members we miss out on when someone...
  12. Wildmanwok

    The fish always rots from the head

    or so I was always told.
  13. Wildmanwok

    How to tank while not tanking.

    Two word: Selection night.
  14. Wildmanwok


    I know of perfectly honest advice that his knees are totally shot. It shows. And as much as I love the guy it is now a cancer. Its not his fault he is afterall human. But at 0-4 our season is over. Cry and bay at me but we now need to win 13 to 14 out of 18 games to make the finals. It is...
  15. Wildmanwok


    What a ____en disgrace. Are we going to recruit footballers instead of athletes soon? ____ ____ ____
  16. Wildmanwok

    Power Name

    Can someone tell me the origin of our name. How it was conceived? Who conceived it? And really importantly what it means and how it represents PAFC? Cheers
  17. Wildmanwok

    Time to take the Tyre and Petrol Home

    The disgraceful LYNCH MOB should pack up the tyre and petrol and piss off home.
  18. Wildmanwok

    What a joke

    Hung, drawn and quartered....without a trial. Absolute disgrace. WCE / AFL need to explain why natural justice is being denied. And found with Diazepram, lock him up, throw away the key... what a joke.
  19. Wildmanwok

    Lloyd Zucker

    Can anyone tell me if Lloydie is still with us. I used to work with him for 13 years and have fond memories of the stories he used to tell me about knocking out Kerley, playing with legends and the instructions Fos gave him from time to time. I often think of him and was hoping he is still around.
  20. Wildmanwok

    Wildmans Plan

    FF: Ebert, Thurstan, Westhoff HF: Motlop, Tredrea, Gray C: Pearce, Salopek, Boak HB: Purgoyne, Chornes, Surgoyne FB: Pettigrew, Chaplin, Surjan Ruck: Lade, Kornes, Cassisi I/C: Brogan, Rodan, 2 x others Chappy takes big forward, Pettigrew can take medium/big and gives us pace...