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  1. Heeney2Franklin

    News Round 1 v GWS Saturday March 19 5 10 pm at Olympic Park

    Wont be because of the ground it will be cause we have lost more experience when we should be of been strengthening that area.
  2. Heeney2Franklin

    No Oppo Supporters 2021 General AFL Discussion

    Refusing to watch ANY games from 2021 due to Hewett and Dawson influence.
  3. Heeney2Franklin

    Mandatory Vaccinations And Medical Exemptions

    Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer are doing more damage than any variant of Covid could ever do. Is there a law against what Craig Kelly was doing at the Eureka protest today? how many deaths is that delusional idiot responsible for spreading misinformation along with saying if you got COVID its...
  4. Heeney2Franklin

    Training 2022 pre-season

  5. Heeney2Franklin

    NSW Covid outbreak

    Its really freakin sad there was this mother who brought her 2 kids who looked to be no older than 5 gets herself caught in a scuffle with the police who were trying to stop the rally going into a certain direction and screams police brutality "help me" "help me" These poor kids probably are...
  6. Heeney2Franklin

    Rumour Dusty to Sydney?

    Hard pass be getting a shell of a player in 2yrs time.
  7. Heeney2Franklin

    NSW Covid outbreak

    Nothing like another weekend being clogged in the CBD due to "Freedom nutjobs" feel more sorry for the kids being brought to these rallies and being conditioned to hate the police and the government.
  8. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    They dont know HOW that player will develop thats down to the individual/training and the methods the club uses to reach the player potential
  9. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Lets be honest nobody really knows its just fan fiction and the vibe feel
  10. Heeney2Franklin

    Player Watch #5 Isaac Heeney

    Clickbait title on made me startle Free agency and Heeney shudders
  11. Heeney2Franklin

    Test Paine Steps Down From Ashes .

    Imagine the stuff Bailey Smith gets sent, bloke better be careful.
  12. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Lachlan Rankin the guy we picked up tonight :)
  13. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Speaking with Zero Hanger, Rankin said his family would prefer him to stay in his home state but are supportive of the possibility of him leaving if drafted. "I think everyone here wants me to stay in Victoria," Rankin admitted. "At the end of the day, they know it's my dream to play AFL and...
  14. Heeney2Franklin

    Player Watch Corey Warner - young Blood Brother

    I know nothing about Corey is this another Brandon Jack or is he a chance to make it on our list :)
  15. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Cant have enough mids!! Moar mids!
  16. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Among the questions.. i mean really he just got drafted and the question was will ur mum miss you when you go interstate...
  17. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Someone was wearing a Crows gurnsey in that family...
  18. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    He is delighted at least!! thats a plus!
  19. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    Its worrying there is a strong focus on clubs picking local talent when applicable.
  20. Heeney2Franklin

    Game Day 2021 AFL Draft

    I deleted it the stream lagged just showing Josh stoned face for like 20 seconds.