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    Tom Rockliff - should stick to twitter

    All mouth no impact this guy. Worst captain in the AFL, surely will be replaced by Beams next year. Loves to shoot his mouth off on twitter, denigrate players on field but as we are seeing, can't handle the heat of actually having to step up and lead. Can't even get his 30 useless possessions...
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    Nasty Crowbots - let Danger come home on the cheap

    Seems poor old Frank Costa has lost the plot. Frank seems to think that its against the spirit of free agency for the crows to match Dangers offer from them and stop him 'coming home'. How nasty of the Crows, imagine taking action to try and keep one of your gun players within the rules of...
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    When the going gets tough, Albert heads to Europe

    So your side is strugging, people are questioning not just your moral conduct anymore, but also your ability to coach. So do you stick around, work hard to turn it around or like the do you do the old imperial leather, 'Europe looks nice'. Yep good old Albert, off to Europe again...
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    Lets pray for Joe Daniher

    Yep, lets put our ridicule of Essendon to the side for a minute and look at the big picture. If Joe Daniher does not make it as an AFL footballer he will be the living version of the 40 year old virgin. He is the living image of the 'head like a busted sh*t pipe'. So are you prepared to...
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    Did Leppa put away a tasmanian chick 25 years ago?

    And yes what a dog of a bloke not to fess up and take him as father son:
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    No way out for Essendon

    Essendon are going to implode. Roughly 50% of the playing group want Hird to stay and have threatened to leave if he is sacked. The other 50% want Bomber and are threatening to leave if he stays. Board is also in a similar position as are key coterie groups. Threats of board challenges...
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    Hypothetical - if Albert is sacked will he go quiety into the night?

    Or will he attempt top sue the pants of anyone and everyone his lawyers suggest. Can you imagine the list: AFL: Vlad, Gill, Dillion, Clothier and probably a few more. Essendon: the club, the board, the Doc. Media: Caro, Patrick and anyone who has questioned his credibility Other: Big Footy...
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    A whisper re one of the key players behind the mooted challenge to the Essendon board

    I am sure this is going to put Essendon supporters into an even bigger spin, but I have been told that one of the key players in the challenge is Demitriou's brother!!!! If this is true it will just take things to a whole new level, Hird and the cult will go into meltdown at the prospect of a...
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    Umpire Stefic is milning Port

    As a neutral we want the umps to put the whistle away and let them play. Not this campaigner, got hawthorn going and kept the frees flowing there way. He has probably paid 80% of the frees that quarter. He better not get a gig next week or he will ruin the game .
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    Richmond and Julia a match made in heaven

    So two over-hyped, under performing entities get together to host a business lunch. If you are a liquidator make sure you attend and hand out business cards cos anyone listening to Julia and Richmond is sure to fail. Hard to tell who is the bigger bull sh*t artist, Jules or Benny. WARNING...
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    Neil Mitchell on 3AW - '7 Essendon players have filed supreme court writs against the club'

    I have heard this second hand so would be nice if someone can confirm he said it but if true things are about to go to a whole new level of offended. Her did not name names or whether they are still at the club.
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    Pizza shop owndes be careful, Ando is on the turps

    Fair dinkum, he could not have been sober when he wrote this. AMID a season of just six wins and regular...
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    Robbo cries for his beloved Albert

    Yep, Robbo all upset with the Essendon board for not bringing the Reverend James Albert back ASAP. Surely its time for Uncle Rupert to fire his arse and put us out of our misery and having to read this propaganda every second day. Worst chief football writer in history, utterly appalling...
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    Carlton are so sh*t, not even the bay can be bothered with them

    Came on expecting to see the usual threads mocking the tankers, mick, Daisy, Gibbsy and co but only a page on them being milned and that's it. They are so sh*t, so boring that the Bay has given up on them.
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    The Hird/Charter Relationship

    Hearing some rumours that this is a big part of the case against Essendon/Hird. Anyone else heard anything?
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    Time for Gill and the Commission to put an end to this

    Today the HUN screams out that Essendon are now trying to get draft picks back, that Thompson is refusing to pay fines. Little calls for Harcourt to be disciplined yet no penalties were ever given to Reid who was over-seeing the program. The hypocrisy is staggering. Surely its time for the...
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    4 nil malthouse you old prick

    EAD you old campaigner enjoy paying your son 650k to stink it up.
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    The conspiracy thread

    Last night I saw Robbo briefly on 360 and the poor bloke is losing his mind. He is honestly seeing conspiracies everywhere, real tin foil hat stuff. That said given the rumours, innuendo and assumptions that are out there re this case I thought it would be a bit of fun to start a thread where...
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    Dank admits using Thymosin Beta 4

    I know this has been highlighted before but the age had rehashed the story which I think pretty much summarises the ASADA case against Essendon in relation to TB4. As such it is compulsory reading to get a better understanding of how the case has probably been built. Dank is clearly a...
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    Do we the wider footy public support Essendon as per Little's comment today?

    Could not believe Little claiming that Essendon had the support of the wider football community. Bloke must be living in an ivory tower. Talk back is dominated by people saying they have to go, at work everyone who is not an Essendon supporter thinks they have to go. It is universal that no...