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  1. royboy2

    What are you a w***er about?

    We all know somebody who is a w***er about one thing in particular To give you an idea there are Beer w***ers, who wont have anything made by CUB it has to be made with Fermented Echidna droppings, Lychee scented and filtered through a virgins underwear. Coffee w***ers, If your order is more...
  2. royboy2

    Past Vale Leo Brereton

    Not sure where to post this, Mods move as appropriate. Just thought I'd let you know that former Carlton player Leo Brereton died today aged 83 Games : 72 Goals : 129 Guernsey No. 6 Last Game: Preliminary Final, 1962 vs Geelong, aged 25 years, 318 days Height : 174cm Weight : 70kg DOB : 1...
  3. royboy2

    NRL 2018 Season Opener. Storm, Bulldogs, Warriors and Souths double header in Perth.

    As mentioned in the off the ball thread by Reynolds Number Rugby League looks to be the 1st sport played at the new Perth stadium, although it won't be the 9's as speculated, but a double header with South Sydney Rabbitohs and Canterbury Bulldogs to face yet to be named opponents on Saturday...
  4. royboy2

    F1 2017 Round 11 Hungary (30th July)

    Hungarian Grand Prix coming up this weekend, looks like a cracker. Drivers Championship VET - 177 HAM - 176 BOT - 154 RIC - 117 RAI - 98 VER - 57 PER - 52 OCO - 43 SAI - 29 JUL - 26 MAS - 23 STR - 18 GRO - 18 MAG - 11 WEH - 5 KVY - 4 ALO - 2 Constructors Championship MERCEDES...
  5. royboy2

    Video Game: Rugby League Live 4

    New Rugby League Video game announced. From HBK619 on the Video game's thread. Rugby League Live 4 is coming in 2017.
  6. royboy2

    Win Prizes 2017 NRL Tipping Competition

    Alright, new season is all set up and I've sent invites via the site to previous competitiors. Looks like the link still works too.
  7. royboy2

    Round 22 Discussion

    C'mon AuckMel pick your game up :p Round 22 is the Women in league round, which kicked of with a 12-8 win to the Storm, sorry Broncos (gee they looked like the storm) over the Dragons. The Eels host Manly on Friday, Saturday sees Knights vs Bulldogs, Sharks vs Raiders in what should be a...
  8. royboy2

    Sports Greatest Sportspeople of your generation

    There has been a bit of talk since the death of Mohammed Ali about 'The Greatest' and who else could be considered in that company. I reckon you can only go by who you witnessed, not who you were told about. So the top 10 of My generation would be: 1980 - 2016 Ayrton Senna (BRA) - Motor...
  9. royboy2

    Discussion 1988 - The best year for footy jumpers?

    This video popped up on my Facebook feed the other day, whilst watching it I thought "Gee every jumper/uniform is perfect!" Mero take from Points of note: Collingwood: Black stripes on white...
  10. royboy2

    News Yet another Jumper thread

    Just announced on the Lions twitter we will be wearing a anniversary jumper for the game vs Melbourne.
  11. royboy2

    News Lions announce Fitzroy-inspired 'heritage' guernsey to be worn in Round 16

    Lions to announce another jumper tomorrow
  12. royboy2

    NRL Round 5 Discussion

    I am pretty sure AuckMel is still in mourning over The Black Caps loss, hence I decided to start the discussion thread for this week. Canterbury-Bankstown V South Sydney - Rabbitohs by 6 Gold Coast v Brisbane - Broncos by 12 Manly-Warringah v Canberra - Sea Eagles by 14 Newcastle v St...
  13. royboy2

    Membership Ladder

    Did a quick look at the clubs websites today and compiled a membership ladder. Collingwood 69,759 Hawthorn 66,966 Richmond 66,244 Adelaide 60,383 Port Power 58,140 West Coast 56,729 Essendon 50,057 Fremantle 48,939* (as at...
  14. royboy2

    NRL tipping comp

    For those interested I've created a Bigfooty tipping comp, tips not entered get you the lowest score for the round. So if you don't see this till after round 1, you can still compete. Happy to post ladders in here if enough interest.
  15. royboy2

    Fitzroy Bulldogs jumper

    An apparently genuine Fitzroy Bulldogs jumper has found its way on to ebay. If anyone has a spare 2k. Personally if it could be confirmed geniune, I think it belongs in the Fitzroy museum.
  16. royboy2

    International 2015 World Club Challenge

    I would have thought both comps would have the 2 Grand Finalists & then the highest placed after that, but alas that would be too logical for the NRL
  17. royboy2

    NRL 2014 NRL Grand Final: South Sydney v Canterbury-Bankstown

    NRL Grand Final tickets went on sale today to existing club members. Prices were Similar to last years. I was just wondering who else picked up theirs? PRICES: DIAMOND - $380 PLATINUM - $310 GOLD - $245 SILVER - $165 BRONZE - $80
  18. royboy2

    NRL South Sydney Rabbitohs 2014 Thread

    2014 Looms as a massive year for us this year, with back to back preliminary final defeats still stinging our boys should be primed for our march to 21. 2014 Draw Cocks (h) THU Manly (Bluetongue) (a) FRI Tigpies (a) FRI Raiders (h) SUN St Merge (SCG) (a) SAT Panthers (a) FRI Dogs (Good Friday)...
  19. royboy2

    Le Tour de Roys

    This is taken from the Greenedge teams backstage footage See 4.12
  20. royboy2

    Fabio Grosso The word is Western Sydney are the ones chasing him , If he does come join the A-League personally I hope Kev Muscat comes out of...