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  1. Egga

    Unofficial Preview The Up and Coming 20

    What excites me about 2017 is the opportunity to see what our next generation of players is capable of. We haven't seen a lot of our young players over the past two years due to injury, form and opportunity. But our 'Up and Coming 20' includes some exciting names and I think all these guys...
  2. Egga

    Roast Players on Notice

    Alright you whiney bitches, it's about time you stopped playing soft, namby pamby football and took a good hard look in the mirror. We have good depth this year, it's about time we started operating with a three strikes and YOU'RE OUT policy! I'm talking to you: ATLEY - So what if you can run...
  3. Egga

    Poll: The Best Part of the CAS Decision

    What's your favourite bit?
  4. Egga

    Seamless Transition or Complete Rebuild

    I'm interested in a more informed discussion of our list turnover over the next 4-6 years, what this means for our on-field fortunes, our off-field recruitment and the prospects of some individual players on our list. For the purposes of stimulating discussion, I have: Started with our 'best...
  5. Egga

    Review rate our 2015 draft

    How did we do?
  6. Egga

    Toast No North Players in the 2015 International Rules Squad

    Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows) Grant Birchall (Hawthorn) Luke Bruest (Hawthorn) Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats) Dustin Fletcher (Essendon) Andrew Gaff (West Coast) Brendon Goddard (Essendon) Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide) Dyson Heppell (Essendon) Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn) Leigh...
  7. Egga

    Competitions Player Sponsor Draw: Coach North Melbourne for a Week

    In light of North Melbourne's disappointing performance this year, the club has launched a new promotion for player sponsors – offering them the opportunity to coach the team in 2015. Two lucky Big Footy Player Sponsors will each be able to coach the team for a week. The lucky winner will...
  8. Egga

    Rumour Apparently We're Into Lachie Henderson

    "The Cats, Adelaide, Brisbane Lions and North Melbourne are all circling the 25-year-old 196cm key position player." Of this group of teams, North and Adelaide...
  9. Egga

    Preseason Countdown Poll 7: Our Position After Round 5

    I believe North's season will be set up in the first 5 rounds of H&A. Once again, North starts the season with a challenging early draw. In rounds 1 - 5, we play Hawthorn, Port, Geelong at Skilled, plus Adelaide in Adelaide. We also have a very winnable game against Brisbane. Our draw really...
  10. Egga

    Season Countdown Poll 8: Which Rookie Will Be Our Best Performed in 2015?

    North has had mixed success at the draft table over the past five years. The 2013 draft was North's best draft for some years. Luke McDonald was the stand out - the first round father son pick played 23 games, including two finals and finished third in the NAB Rising Star. Kayne Turner and...
  11. Egga

    Season Countdown Poll 9. The Lazarus Factor: Who will prove a point in 2015?

    In 2014 Levi Greenwood, Sam Wright and Michael Firrito proved a point to those who had written them off too early. Liam Anthony and Taylor Hine did not. So who will silence the critics, rejuvenate their career and cement their place in North's best 21 in 2015?
  12. Egga

    Top 10 Things to Do When Unemployed

    Hi All, I recently quit my job and, having worked far too hard over the past 10 years, am enjoying a bit of a break before I dive back into serious employment. This freedom will be over all too soon, so I'm keen to hear your ideas about what I should do while unemployed. I've already grown a...
  13. Egga

    Myth Exposed: Our Depth

    At the commencement of season 2013 many North fans, myself included, predicted that greater depth in the playing list would be one important factor in our rise up the ladder. This expectation was derived from the anticipated development of the younger members of the 2012 list and the potential...
  14. Egga

    Votes v Brisbanel

    3 - Scott (i just pantsed one of the greats) Thompson 2 - Lindsay (I used to dive now I just kick goals) Thomas 1- Daniel (I don't need a cute expression in brackets because I'm Daniel Wells) Wells
  15. Egga

    What gap(s), if any, do we need to fill in our playing list to win a flag?

    Post-draft euphoria has me feeling positive about the depth we now have in our squad. I see the current list maturing into a formidable team in the coming years - but what are the final pieces of the puzzle? Here's our senior list, named based on where they play today and in multiple...
  16. Egga

    We need to beat Pies or Dockers to make the finals

    Carlton's massive win over Essendon has boosted their percentage and placed them 2 games short of North. They should beat Gold Coast and the Saints (who can no longer make it) and two losses would drive North's percentage below Caltank's. Freo are playing Richmond, Melbourne and us. Yikes!
  17. Egga

    The Bailey Ladder Predictor: Where do you have us finishing?

    The Bailey Ladder Predictor enables you to predict results from the remainder of the season and produces a ladder after round 23 and a finals fixture. I've just had a go and see us finishing 7th and playing Essington in the first week of the finals (who finish ahead of us on percentage)...
  18. Egga

    Who will be next year's biggest improver?

    ...For your amusement, here were some tips from Oct/Nov 2010: The Good :thumbsu: Only Forwards: drew & JZ Wally Carter: "my player to come from nowhere: Speight" The zebra & RooHooDoo: Goldy Roodav & Budge11: Leigh Adams The Bad :thumbsd: me: Cruize (proving how credible I am)...
  19. Egga

    Is it me? Or is it Bon?

    This post-Melbourne love fest has got me thinking... BF's Favourite Whipping Boys of 2009 (ranked): 1. Lachie Hansen 2. David Hale 3. Daniel Wells 4. Lindsay Thomas (or was that just me?) 5. Aaron Edwards 2010's biggest improvers: 1, 2, 3 and 4: Hale, Hansen, Wells and Edwards (in whichever...