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  1. Iamspock

    Modern day players surpassing their club's traditionally thought of GOATs/Club legends

    All of our clubs have well established legends and greatest of all times. Usually we read about them in a historical sense. Do posters here feel that any current players from their club, will surpass those that have gone before them. For the Bulldogs, the discussion is of course, around Bont...
  2. Iamspock

    If you could travel back, what game/s would you want to watch/attend?

    For myself, obviously it would be the '54 grand final, perhaps the first Bulldogs game ever played, any number of come from behind/against the odds wins, Kelvin Templeton's 15 goals against Saint Kilda, Beasley's intercept and goal against Collingwood. Perhaps you would like to go back to a...
  3. Iamspock

    Entry into the Willy game today

    Morning all, we are going to the Willy v Box Hill game today at Werribee, we are Bulldogs members, but we haven't received our Willy memberships, which the club told us were coming with the quarterly magazine. We haven't received the magazine yet. Can we just use our Bulldogs memberships to get...