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    TV Squid Game Discussion Thread - SPOILERS INSIDE

    Watched the first episode of Squid Game last night, was quite brutal to be honest. Probably just following on the success of Alice In borderland, but i'll definitely smash through the rest of the series this week.
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    Samsung s4

    Anyone got one of these yet? I picked one up today, never used an android phone before so am still figuring things out. What is the go with apps? Can I only download them through the phone, not with a iTunes type program? Looks good though atm, plenty of features to play with.
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    Oliver named in betting claims

    This could be a PR disaster for the Melbourne spring carnival. Probably the most well known jockey in Australia getting done for betting on races on the eve of the big 3 races could be terrible. If he is guilty then surely he has to be suspended for a least as long as Shinn and Robl were...
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    RIP Northerly

    I know Hoffy mentioned this in the Vo Rogue thread, but i reckon this champion deserves his own thread. Unfortunately passed away due to complications over colic. One of the true champions of Australian racing, and arguably the best middle distance horse of the last 10 years. Between...
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    Malthouse is correct - no one from the scumdogs could ever be a legend

    Lets face it, the Dog supporters rave on about someone who they thought was good who played 50 years ago, and since then they have had no one at all who has been any good. So they build this one man up into a god like figure to replace the massive void, yet in reality the very fact that he...
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    Jobe Watson at #43 on Mike's top 50 list. Cue the Bomber whingers.

    Please stick all your whinges and tantrums to this one thread thanks, we don't need six pages of tears like last year when he didn't make it. Pretty lucky to be in the list at all really, average plodder, sh*t footskills. Only gets a game because the Essendon midfield is a steaming pile of...
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    All Australian team - 40 man squad

    Ok this is the 40 man squad broken down by team Adelaide - Thompson Carlton - Betts, Judd, Murphy, Scotland Collingwood - Cloke, Davis, Pendlebury, Reid, Swan, Thomas Freo - Fyfe, McPharlin Geelong - Enright, Johnson, Kelly, Scarlett, Selwood, Taylor GC - Ablett Hawks - Birchall...
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    The most worthless 40 disposal game of all time?

    Is that the best way to sum up Luke Hodge's game today? Did he have a single one of those 40 disposals forward of centre? Talk about ineffectual, no point bombing it long from the back pocket because you are not good enough to get the ball in the midfield.
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    Why are the Bombers so sh*t away from Etihad?

    So far this year they have played six games outside and their only win is against the Lions :o Maybe someone should tell super coach Jimmy that the finals are played at the G, and being only able to win at Etihad isn't a good thing. Obviously all that wind and stuff isn't good for those...
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    Dogs getting screwed today

    This is terrible, all day the umps have been on the Swans side. The worst one was a few minutes ago when Murphy was penalised holding the ball, that was 50/50 at best but i can forgive that, but the 50m penalty was a joke. Considering that in the third quarter i think it was Grundy was...
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    What do Hawthorn and Melbourne have in common?

    Well apart from being the only two clubs that their supporters have voted in the majority to kill off their club, they are also the only two teams that have lost to Freo in a final. What more would you expect from teams that their supporters even hate, pathetic clubs.
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    Is it fair to say that the Cats are bigger chokers than the Pies?

    We all know the term Colliwobble, and it fits, the Pies have a history of choking in grand finals. But lets look at this, in the past 20 years the Pies have won one and lost two, and the Cats have won one and lost five. Perhaps we should coin a phrase for the pea heart Cats.
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    How To blocking popups

    Anyone else had problems with these things popping up asking you to save a file to your computer. It only happens to me when i browse bigfooty, any other websites i am at they don't pop up at all, but on bigfooty they pop up constantly. anyone know how to remove them? I've tried virus...
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    Hawthorn in 01 and Pies in 07

    Only two teams under this finals system to make a prelim final when not finishing in the top four, and both teams just lost. Hawks by 9 and Pies by 5. Wonder if a team will ever make the grand final from 5th or lower.
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    Which club has the worst group of kids?

    Sydney - Do they have any decent players under the age of 21? Do they even have any players under the age of 21? Very average group of young kids. Brisbane - They have a few youngsters playing for them, but they are crap. Players like Rischitelli, Patfull, Stiller and Merrett would struggle...
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    Brisbane Bears

    Its hardly surprising that since the AFL have removed their salary cap advantage they have sunk down to the bottom, showing everyone that without the AFL to give them a massive advantage they are no good. Their team wouldn't of finished top four, let alone won three grand finals if the AFL...
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    Is Gibbs the biggest squib playing AFL?

    Has he managed to overtake Josh Hunt with that dreadful effort tonight? One on one with Milne of all players, and Gibbs dead set sh*t himself. Grow a pair of nuts you girl. I think this could be yet another bad drafting disaster by the Blues.
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    Did Carlton stuff up in the 2005 draft?

    Watching Murphy today made me realise he isn't all that good. Soft possessions, indecisive when he gets the ball, poor kick on goal. No doubt he will be a handy player but i don't see much improvement in him. He is just about as good as he will ever be. Their next pick was the dud Kennedy, wow...
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    After Round one and Richmond are at 0-1

    And Terry Wallace gets back to his house, shovels the chicken **** from his front door and washes the spit out of his hair, will he turn on the radio and listen to the Richmond ferals demanding he be sacked? Is their a more pathetic club in existence than the Tigers? St.Kilda with their...
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    Was Essendon in 2006 the worst team ever not to win the spoon?

    Luckily for them they had a team playing which is a good contender for worst of all time to keep them off the bottom. No doubt they will be able to fall that little bit further this year and claim that spoon that they should of had last year.