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  1. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Representative Football Concept

    I saw a highlights package of the 2008 Dream Team v Victoria match on facebook the other day and it made me think why there isn’t something similar happening now. The problem with the idea of State of Origin and/or representative matches in the recent past is that clubs would be reluctant to...
  2. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Analysis What can we take out of the first month of footy?

    Four wins, two of them very lucky, two of them quite convincing. What can we take out of the first 4 games? We haven’t been in great form, we’ve been overusing the handball most of the time (often butchering chances), however there have also been many positives, namely second tier midfielders...
  3. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Radio R.I.P. Triple M Footy

    They’ve gutted the place… This weeks lineup reeks of B Grade, something not normally associated with Triple M IMO. Thursday Night footy: Wayne Schwass, Barry Denner, Nathan Brown, Luke Hodge, Jay Clark, Michael Roberts, Ash Chua Friday ‘Huddle’/Friday Night Footy Luke Darcy, Mark Howard...