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  1. SugarHealey

    Fixture Demons 2022 Footy Fixtures

    It is my opinion, we the MFC Demons should pursue Black Friday's on the footy calendar, as one of our own Friday fixtures. There is one coming in 2022 that falls within the Footy H&A season. May 13TH... 2022. Maybe we should play the Saints, on such a night.? Anyone have thoughts about...
  2. SugarHealey

    Majak Daw

    Majak will sign for next 2022 season with the Dees.
  3. SugarHealey

    for Kozzy Pickett, & our Indigenous friends around Australia.

    Let us wear our Indigenous Jumper, for the remainder of the H&A matches. Support our present and past Indigenous boys and girls players. And in support of our beliefs.
  4. SugarHealey

    Phantom Draft Sugaz 1st, phantom guess.

    ROUND ONE: guessed from current indicated draft order 22/11/2020 1. Jamarra Ugle-Hagan - Western Bulldogs 2. Riley Thilthorpe - Adelaide 3. Logan McDonald - North Melbourne 4. Denver Grainger-Barras - Sydney 5. Braeden Campbell - Sydney 6. Will Phillips - Hawthorn 7. Archie Perkins -...
  5. SugarHealey

    Majak. good luck on your return.

    Best of luck to Majak for his return to Footy. Incredible.
  6. SugarHealey

    the Demons will kick the Sainters butts this week!

    Melbourne have been thru our own hell, but this week will bounce out of the blocks, & kick the saints butts, right out of Our MCG!!! Mark my words, undermanned or not, we will pull the wings off those soft flighty fairies. the saints are the only Club to have a softer culture than...
  7. SugarHealey

    Where did Jason Mifsud go, & what was the 2012 washup of his affair against the Dees.

    I'd like to hear from anyone who knows what happened to Misfud, & where/what is he up to now?
  8. SugarHealey

    Whats the difference between 'List Managing', & Tanking?

    Some people think some clubs 'tank', yet others only list manage when they're playing list is too old & on the slide. Over the last 12 Years since the turn of the Century, which clubs have list managed, & which clubs have Tanked?
  9. SugarHealey

    Dangerfield/Trengove, AFL Tackling the tackle.

    The Dees are talking about munching on Marshmellows during the games this weekend,,,,,,, as a Mark of respect, for the Passing of the Tackle. Please feel welcome, if you Feel the need to follow suit with the Marshmellow Munchin'! The AFL have won no freinds with their attack on the fabric of...
  10. SugarHealey

    Failing leadrship

    Failing Leadership This team looks to me like a side on the skids. I've been gradually losing interest in Aus test cricket for some time, & talking with someone in a doctors waiting room recently, He agreed. then I realised it's been during Pontings reign. The boyishness of the new...
  11. SugarHealey

    ??? Wheres the real draft order?

    Can somone post & sticky the real & official draft order as most Phantom Draft order, are wrong. It's difficult to get a handle on the 2nd & 3rd Rnd > +, draft picks.
  12. SugarHealey

    GC Suns Draft Picks

    Can thew GC Suns trade some of their early picks by negotiation with prospective clubs, Or is it all up to the AFL's discression?
  13. SugarHealey

    Tall Full forward for Dees.

    Are there any Tall full forwards established available out there who would suit the Dees? Or which young draftees should we aim for?
  14. SugarHealey

    Junior MaC

    I was told by an old friend that Junior had said sometime last week that he wanted to go around next year. Is this true? Has anyone else heard this? I don't know where he heard this.
  15. SugarHealey

    Tradeable Talls - who's available?

    What are your thoughts re surplus Talls. Mature Rucks & Key Position players? Will there be many transfers this year re Taller players?