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  1. Poetic Justice

    2022 New Music

    What are you excited for this year? I believe we could finally expect something from Karnivool and also The Butterfly Effect should hopefully drop a new album this year. Aside from that, I'm not too sure what else I'm expecting!
  2. Poetic Justice

    Do you buy your significant other birthday/christmas/event gifts?

    I was chatting with a mate earlier about what I had bought my wife for Xmas and he mentioned that him and his wife don't buy presents for each other. His reasoning was a cost one - fair enough to an extent - and that they mutually would prefer to buy something they can both appreciate (not...
  3. Poetic Justice

    Accountability - how do you manage yourself?

    Over the years I've been a typical yo-yo with weight. Up down rinse repeat. I understand what is required to lose weight and maintain - the fundamentals, but always struggle for consistency. I enjoy socialising too much - the aspect of bad food and a lot of booze. I've recently started seeing...
  4. Poetic Justice

    Which streaming services do you use/recommend?

    I currently have: Netflix Stan Binge Disney With access to Amazon and Kayo from friends logins. Do you use anything else? After playing around in the screenshot game thread in GD and what not, I keep seeing the names of movies n stuff that I want to watch and am surprised at how much content...
  5. Poetic Justice

    "The Great Resignation" "The Great Resignation is about to hit Australia with millions anticipated to quit their jobs. Thinking of joining? Read this first."...
  6. Poetic Justice

    How do you get the best advice about buying a mattress?

    My wife & I bought a new bed about 2 years ago now and mostly bought it on its looks (frame, etc) and that it felt "good enough". Honestly, the bed we had prior was so stuffed that anything would have felt better. But these days I just don't think I'm all that comfortable with my mattress, nor...
  7. Poetic Justice

    Employee of the month/quarter

    So, I have a few questions regarding the concept of employee of the month/quarter/year basically. 1) Do any of you still work in a business that does this? 2) If you do, what potentially makes it a positive or successful part of the business? And 3) I am thinking of bringing in something...
  8. Poetic Justice

    Transient terms & phrases

    Not sure if this has been done before.. but have you ever noticed certain terms and phrases that become seemingly appear that you havent' heard used before, then either become high use or disappear, or come and go? I don't particularly know if I had heard the term 'strawman' before the past 2...
  9. Poetic Justice

    Can we talk about the captaincy?

    There’s been a bit of talk amongst the current active threads here but I felt it warranted discussion. Firstly, it’s a debatable issue as to whether Joel retires ahead of 22 so that would render this moot but still.. Joel has been quite simply one of the greatest team men to pull on the hoops...
  10. Poetic Justice

    Investing for your kids

    A couple of years ago my wife and I sold our house and with a small part of the equity we put away $10k for our two kids - 5k each essentially. As at now, the amount sits at $12k but it is quite literally sitting in a bank account doing nothing at all (it's in an offset account to benefit us...
  11. Poetic Justice

    Facebook & the news

    Forgive me if this is not allowed to be posted here - but does anyone actually give a crap about the news being banned from facebook aside from the damage it did to a few pages that didn't necessarily need to be included in it (Betoota for instance?) If anything, it's supposed to be a social...
  12. Poetic Justice

    Metallica - S&M2

    Thoughts? I had the chance to watch it last weekend and I think I may have built my expectations up too much - as I thought it didn't really match the heights of the first one. It is an exciting show but I felt it was mixed pretty bad and didn't sound as hard hitting as the first. Was good to...
  13. Poetic Justice

    OnlyFans (no, this isn't for sharing explicit content)

    So what is the deal with this OnlyFans thing? I haven't used it and don't really intend to, but what is the deal in terms of I read that someone charges $15 a month to 'subscribe'.... are people actually spending multiples of $15 per month per content creator to watch their stuff? I mean, I...
  14. Poetic Justice

    Who would be the most active AFLW player on social media?

    I'm looking to find an AFLW player perhaps for an ambassadorial job with my work that would require a big social media presence. Any suggestions? I don't really know many players aside from Tayla Harris and Daisy. Cheers,
  15. Poetic Justice

    What is the team doing this weekend?

    What would be the preparation this weekend? I know it's no untold story about Geelong's inability to perform to full potential the week following a bye so I wonder what is being done differently this week. They say it's about freshening up... it could also be a union driven break negotiated by...
  16. Poetic Justice

    Affordable tropical holiday destinations that aren't Bali or Thailand

    I'm not sure if I need to go into much more detail that isn't pointed out in the thread title but I'm wanting to plan the next holiday for my wife and I (kids free). We are off to Bali next week for the 3rd time and have also been to Phuket so looking at different options. Understandably you...
  17. Poetic Justice

    Should you change jobs often or not?

    I think sometimes I find myself in an existential crisis.. mainly stemming to time spent with kids versus career aspirations and the like. Probably no different to many people. One of the things I've thought about in recent times is whether you should stay put in the same job you do for a decent...
  18. Poetic Justice

    Creating a "digital nomad" income

    In the past 6 months I've returned a few times to the concept of moving to Bali (or somewhere like it) to live a different lifestyle. For a myriad of reasons to do with job satisfaction, health, time spent with family, time spent living, the idea of moving abroad to attempt something different...
  19. Poetic Justice

    George Calombaris' empire $7.8m hit & the hospitality industry

    Source; the age I guess this opens up a discussion regarding how this is a wide spread part of the industry, how George's devastation is most likely insincere and a...
  20. Poetic Justice

    *IF* we made top 4 - who would you rather play in week one?

    For the haters who come here to pay out on the OP - please note the big, in asteriks, "IF" we made top four. I am not claiming 'when'. A few different considerations here about who you'd want to play! Hawthorn at the G is a 50/50 Adelaide we have shown we can beat in Adelaide or Geelong Sydney...