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  1. Superkoops

    Mitch Brown (Geelong)

    The strong rumours being generated now are that Gumbleton and Hansen may stay with their respective clubs but Mitch Brown (Geelong) is wanting to leave and Fremantle is very interested:
  2. Superkoops

    Jack Anthony

    Jack Anthony has had some ok moments for Subiaco at CHF but generally struggled. Two bags of four goals and one of 3 goals 4 behinds early in the year. It seems with Hughes (5 goals on the weekend) and Broadhurst (their leading goal kicker) being the preferred goal options. Got me thinking with...
  3. Superkoops

    WAFL 2010 Dockers Player Watch

    Thought I might start up a thread for 2010 WAFL watch on Fremantle players. Of the WAFL scratch match games this weekend noticed the following results published for 13/3/10: East Perth (Pre Season) 1.3 4.5 6.6 6.10 (46) Claremont (Pre Season) 3.2 5.6 8.9 13.15 (93) GOALS: East...