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  1. dropbear101

    Universal Love All things daddy doker

    I think hes quite funny and deserves a thread of his own. Plus the fact neale and nic-nat block him on socials is the cherry on top. ps billy and susan are absolute scum
  2. dropbear101

    Analysis the Josh Treacy effect

    Alright, this thread was inevitable.
  3. dropbear101

    Banter mega thread of memes

    It is a true tragedy we don't have a meme's mega thread. Our patron saint daddy doker has to be extremely disappointed in the freo faithful. ps i am of the opinion star wars produces the highest quality memes.
  4. dropbear101

    afl vs players pay dispute

    What does everyone think about the whole situation. I think a solution may be a pay ceiling.
  5. dropbear101

    Fyfe vs Dusty

    I genuinely don't know whos better and I thought this would make an entertaining thread. Compared notable achievements fyfe 2 brownlows, 2 leigh mathew trophies, 2 B&F, 3 all australians and causing all girls out west having expectations of guys way to high. Dusty 1 brownlow, 2 norm smiths, 2...
  6. dropbear101

    We are to young to contend

    average age and games Hawthorn 24.1 88.9 Collingwood 24.0 88.0 Adelaide 24.0 82.4 Geelong 23.5 81.1 West Coast 23.5 78.8 GWS Giants 23.4 75.1 Essendon 23.4 66.0 North Melbourne 23.3 73.7 Richmond 23.2 79.1 Western Bulldogs 23.2 68.8 St Kilda 23.2 65.6...
  7. dropbear101

    some thoughts on the suns

    I'm just taking a break from uni work and decided to share my thoughts hope you guys don't mind. My local league has a draft system and i got drafted to a new club (about five years old). I was very excited to start u17s but the side had never won a league game. Our seventeens won multiple...
  8. dropbear101

    next ten years

    I'm interested in what everyone thinks is gonna happen in the future. I think if tucker, hill (both) and langdon leave, its guts our midfield. You need a good midfield to play finals. This coupled with our targeting of older players means we go two ways. first we trade in more experiance to...
  9. dropbear101

    best under 23 per team comparison

    Who has the best crop of U23s? We rank them from worst to best Callum Brown, Eric Hipwood, Connor Rozee and Clayton Oliver are among the League's best young talent THE QUESTION is simple: which club has the best group of players aged under 23? The answer, however, is far more complex. Our...
  10. dropbear101

    comparing the rebuilds 2007-2012 vs 2016-present

    our last rebuild took 5 years to start paying off, because we have completed 3 years of the current rebuild I thought it would be wise to compare the current rebuild to our only successful one at the same time period 2010. young guns 2010 (all Australian potential) nat fyfe, Shill, walters...
  11. dropbear101

    AFLW interesting stat

    AFLW TEAMS kicked longer more often and more effectively in the opening round on average than in the competition's first two seasons, in a strong start to the 2019 campaign. The five matches, four of which were decided by four points or fewer, averaged 36.9 effective kicks, an increase from...