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  1. CrowEater888

    Prediction Hey Flanders, it's no use praying. I already did the same thing, and we can't both win.

    2020 - Season summary 2020 - Post season 2021 - Our supporters preseason 2021 - Our supporters 1 game into the season 2021 - Season summary 2021 - Post season 2022 - Our supporters preseason It's going to be a long, hard road folks, but remember... ...No Homer, we'll climb back up...
  2. CrowEater888

    Think Tank Caption this photo...

    (Whistle) That’s holding the ball...
  3. CrowEater888

    Think Tank Adelaide player retention issues?

    I don't think so. Where does your club sit on this list? Note: current up to the beginning of this trade period (2017).
  4. CrowEater888

    Think Tank Make Port a new banner

    This is Ports banner from today's game. We all know they like to steal ideas from other people. The jumper is from Rugby, the song thing is from Liverpool and banner jokes are from the Doggies.... Can anyone think of next weeks banner?
  5. CrowEater888

    Think Tank McChins returns to The Footy Show

    Hutchy given the arse. Official announcement later today.
  6. CrowEater888

    Think Tank Puff, puff...pop!

    Post your melts puffer fans.
  7. CrowEater888

    Think Tank Caption me

    Hi, I'm Michelangelo Rucci. You may remember me... For being the guy that continually hogs question time at post match press conferences. For being the guy that continually asks stupid questions at those post match press conferences. My penchant for ugly tracksuit tops. My penchant for ill...
  8. CrowEater888

    Mick Molloy

    Just saw Micks stand up routine at the Brownlow....absolutely terrible.
  9. CrowEater888

    Opinion A mark of respect

    The AFC and PAFC don't have much in common, but today, our enemies are our brothers. Tragedy has brought us together. As a joint mark of respect by both the AFC and PAFC I think the Showdown trophy, or medal, should be renamed after Walshy. Thoughts?
  10. CrowEater888

    TV The Block 2015

    It's time to start building! Post in this thread for all discussion relating to the 2015 versions of The Block.
  11. CrowEater888

    McCartney Goneski

    Press conference at 11.30am to confirm it. Things go from bad to worse at Doggie land. ---
  12. CrowEater888

    My thoughts on Teflon James

  13. CrowEater888

    TV Adverts that we actually like

    One of my favourite threads in this forum is the 'adverts that piss me off' thread. However, not all adverts are bad. I think we have long needed a thread dedicated to appreciating adverts that are memorable for all the right reasons. For those who don't know how to insert a video type: '[...
  14. CrowEater888

    TV The Block 2014

    From what I have been able to gather the new series of The Block for 2014 has started/or starts filming this month until January 2014. Feel free to discuss in this thread any rumours or information you may have about the new series and post any pictures. :):thumbsu: --- Mods please change...
  15. CrowEater888

    Bad Luck Brian - Richmond

  16. CrowEater888

    The Bradbury Effect

  17. CrowEater888

    What is Matthew Knights thinking right now?

    'To refrain from imitation is the best revenge'
  18. CrowEater888

    Three cheers for David Zaharakis

    While the rest of your team mates lined up to get jabbed you said 'No'. Amidst a culture of sh!t blokes you held your head high. I tip my hat to you sir.