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  1. Nostradumbass

    We have a dilemma for next years Grand Final

    We need a footballer who's played 5 or fewer games in the granny. Who will it be?
  2. Nostradumbass

    How has Collingwood copied us this week?

  3. Nostradumbass

    Membership items

    I got my membership "pack" in the mail yesterday. I think they may have forgotten to include some stuff because all I got was a ******* envelope with a cardboard fixture that I have to attach magnetic tape too.... My dog got a bowl and a collar tag. So, no stickers, where's the lanyard? A...
  4. Nostradumbass

    Yeah boys

  5. Nostradumbass


    Gonads the size of bowling balls.
  6. Nostradumbass

    Dolores O'Riordan R.I.P

    46 - way too young. R.I.P.
  7. Nostradumbass

    Here's a Christmas present Tigers

  8. Nostradumbass

    Richmond's oldest member passes away.

    R.I.P Les
  9. Nostradumbass

    Similar Threads.

    Can I get rid of this?
  10. Nostradumbass

    Universal Love in here

    I give it a week :D
  11. Nostradumbass

    Photo with the cup

    I want one. RFC_Official
  12. Nostradumbass


    FARKING YES campaignerS WE DID IT!!!!!
  13. Nostradumbass

    It's done. It's over. So long.

  14. Nostradumbass

    Days since Richmond made a Grand Final

  15. Nostradumbass

    Grand final at Punt road

    Are there any plans to show it at Punt road?
  16. Nostradumbass

    We got stiffed.

  17. Nostradumbass

    List Highest score in a match - Any league/Division

    This clipping was posted on a VFA group. Williamstown under 18s kicked 110-27-687 against Geelong West in 1983. This clipping is from 1994.
  18. Nostradumbass

    Prediction Crowd vs Swans

    Groupie contacted me from beyond the grave and begged me to start this thread for him.