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  1. BigAlpha3

    Prediction 2022 ladder after 23 rounds

    I think this is as accurate of a ladder prediction you will find 1. Western Bulldogs 2. Brisbane 3. Melbourne 4. Port Adelaide 5. Sydney 6. West Coast 7. Essendon 8. Fremantle 9. Richmond 10. Carlton 11. GWS 12. Collingwood 13. Hawthorn 14. Geelong 15. Gold Coast 16. North Melbourne 17...
  2. BigAlpha3

    Fremantle Under Longmuir

    Not sure what list you’re looking at mate there is enough talent to actually achieve something yet the bigger issue is putting it all together. Call me an idiot but freo’s list is good rather they just haven’t been able to put it together. Hell in 2019 freo were 6th after 13 rounds (higher than...
  3. BigAlpha3

    When will the Carlton FC Arrive?

    It’s fine, Cripps will be a great young role model for Valente when he pulls on the Mighty Purple in 22’. For $450k less than Carlton are offering too! Remember when a sh** freo team kicked 12.5 in one half against your defence? Get the fu** out of this thread, Carlton supporters have no say...
  4. BigAlpha3

    Fremantle Under Longmuir

    Were we crap. Yes Has freo dished up some shocking performances particularly over the ‘rebuild’ and consistently failed to deliver on potential. Yep However you saying Brayshaw, Cerra and Serong are the same players and midgets wtf? Serong is 179cm so the only ‘midget’ Brayshaw 185 Cerra 187...
  5. BigAlpha3

    Fremantle Under Longmuir

    Very quiet here last week... and practically every time we win jog on flogs On iPhone using mobile app
  6. BigAlpha3

    Prediction Fremantle 2021 Predicted Wins

    Looking at around 18-22 wins depending on injuries So should finish top and win the premiership On iPhone using mobile app
  7. BigAlpha3

    Your clubs 26 and under side

    FB: L.Ryan G.Logue T.Duman HB: H.Young A.Pearce E.Hughes C : J.Aish D.Tucker A.Cerra HF: L.Henry B.Cox S.Sturt FF: L.Schultz L.Meek S.Switkowski FOL: S.Darcy C.Serong A.Brayshaw I/c: B.Acres M.Frederick L.Valente T.Watson Really just lack KPF talent (as always) Midfield coming along nicely however
  8. BigAlpha3

    Who's closer to their next premiership: Carlton or Freo?

    Yeah nah Williamson wouldn’t get a game over Aish On iPhone using mobile app