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  1. Percel

    Josh - how many is too many?

  2. Percel

    Scandal Tom Wills - not a good guy?

    A startling discovery by a sports history researcher suggests that AFL pioneer Tom Wills participated in the mass murder of Aboriginal people during the infamous reprisal attacks that followed Queensland's Cullin-la-ringo massacre of 1861. Key points: A Chicago Tribune article from 1895 claims...
  3. Percel

    Rumour Blues coaching search debacle (down to their 4th or 5th choice)

    Discuss. Looks the like the Blues need to learn of their feathered brethren at the Pies and undertake a rigorous and successful process to get a coach.
  4. Percel

    AFL 2021 - 5 Predictions for your Team

    1. Teams end of round 23 ladder position - 2. Teams percentage (+/- 3 %) - 3. Teams Brownlow count leader - 4. Teams Leading goalkicker, incl. goals kicked - 5. Teams AA selections - Bonus - Teams end of 2021 result -
  5. Percel

    Leaving Neverland

    Anyone watched this? Really tough to sit through. Understand if it needs to be closed/moved.
  6. Percel

    Patrick Melrose

    Anyone on this? Couldn't see another thread. First up ep was absolutely brilliant, Cumerbatch was boss.
  7. Percel

    Jack Hombsch - 20 grounds or GTFO

    Can travel
  8. Percel

    Think Tank Which pokemon is this?

    on fuddys shirt? #gottasnortthemall
  9. Percel

    Species please?

  10. Percel

    Why didn't Don burke cut the AFL's grass?

    He was a great gardener, would have fitted in with the lads, kept the turf green and luscious. Its a shame that docklands went the way it did.
  11. Percel

    All Australian retirement Team

    How close could you get to an all australian retirement team this year? Watson, Hodge, Mitchell, Boyd, Johnson.... Possible?
  12. Percel

    Female maggot out in force

    Be afraid There will be no 50s this weekend, peeps will be getting sent to their room;and the likes of Murphy will cop mustard on the tongue! *Will not be serving moussaka at halftime
  13. Percel

    Joost van der Westhuizen 1971 - 2017

  14. Percel

    RIP Wat

    NorthernLights informed me today that I'm well and truly f’ed. Respect me bitches....
  15. Percel

    Movie Star Wars - The Prequels Thread

    Fill your midichlorian boots in here.
  16. Percel

    Think Tank HIbberd tells las hembras to Mierda right off as he likes his drugs

    in tablet form only.
  17. Percel

    For Sale - Luke Warm Property maybe not so hot)

  18. Percel

    Think Tank KB MCG Statue - 2017

    Statue would get a run in the current tiggies mdfield
  19. Percel

    Scandal Brad Hill Charged

    Charged - Assault (jan 24)