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  1. M petition re games in Melbourne.

    Hi all I have started a petition to the AFL re the merger agreement and games in Melbourne If you are frustrated like me I'd appreciate you signing. Also I am only one person so I'd appreciate you sharing with your Lions friends and family. cheers Mikey
  2. M

    Fixture 2022 Fixture for the Lions

    Released today. Obviously we have our bunnies in round 1 and an away Qclash in round 6. Dreaming of a great draw for Victorian fans and when ut Released myself and many others will no doubt have our dreams crushed.
  3. M

    Bring back the Whitmans blimp

    does anyone remember the Whitmans blimp that used to fly over the grounds in the late 90s. Let's bring it back to enhance footy.
  4. M


    Frank Walker from national tiles
  5. M

    Ideal line up for a national sports radio station

    I think the concept of Macquarie sports radio could have worked but you need a line up of Melbourne people that are known in Sydney and vice versa. Also be good to have some female voices Hypothetically if anyone was available here is my ideal line up. Breakfast Mel McLaughlin, Michael...
  6. M

    Favourite Lions v Dockers game

    So we would have been playing the Dockers this weekend. What's your favourite Lions v Dockers game? For me round 5 2001 when we kicked 13 goals in the last quarter.
  7. M

    Favourite Qclash

    So it would have been the Qclash this weekend. What's your favourite Qclash. Probably cause it's the only one I have attended but round 4 2016 for me. Giving it to Steven May for his thug act.
  8. M

    Favourite Lions v Power game

    So this week we would have been playing Port. What's your favourite Lions v Power game? I really enjoyed both last year but the one in 2008 when we came from a long way down to win. It was my Wife and my engagement party. My mum doesn't have foxtel so a few boys turned the radio on and were...
  9. M

    Favourite Lions v Richmond game

    Prob the 01 prelim for me.
  10. M

    Favourite Lions v Cats game

    So most people will say the miracle on grass or round 22 last year which I loved but I'll give an honourable mention to another. Round 15 2000 at the cattery. We came of a heartbreaking loss a week before and went down there and flogged them by about 10 goals. It was one of only 2 Lions v Cats...
  11. M

    Favourite Lions v Swans game

    Pluggers come back game anyone?
  12. M

    Favourite Lions v Dogs game

    I'll kick it off this week. 2012 at Docklands in the Fitzroy jumper when late in the game the Fitzroy chant went up.
  13. M

    Favourite Lions V Pies game excluding the GF's

    So for this week I thought I would exclude the GF's against Collingwood because we would all choose them so outside of those two what's your favourite Lions v Pies game?
  14. M

    Favourite Lions v Crows game

    So this week we would have been playing the Crows. What's your favourite Lions v Crows game. I'm going to do something very rate and nominate a game we lost. Round 9 2001. I travelled to the Gabba for this one having been flogged by Carlton the week before. It was possibly the best game I've...
  15. M

    Your favourite game against North.

    Ok seeing there is no footy thought I'd start a thread on your favourite game against the team we were meant to be playing each week so this week it's North. I'll let others go first and post mine later on but I'll give you a clue Ian Robertson was calling for Channel 7 and I remember coming...
  16. M

    2020 AFL fixture released

    Go here for the... Full 2020 AFL Fixture >> ================= Anyone heard anything yet? We know Lions V Pies on Easter Thursday and Saints V Port last weekend of May in China. The obvious ones like ANZAC day Easter Monday etc. Unfortunately it will probably be Richmond V Carlton opening...
  17. M

    Lions play of the year

    McCarthy's hanger and goal v Geelong for me.
  18. M

    Semi final Lions play of the day

    Cameron's bending goal in the third. Play of the season coming in the next few days.
  19. M

    Lions QF final play of the day

    Can't remember who it was bit the tackle on Dusty early in the second.
  20. M

    Lions round 23 play of the day

    Better late then never. The team play that lead to Charlie's goal in the third.