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  1. outabounds

    Opinion Best and Worst Tattoos in the AFL 2021 Edition

    Personally not a Tatt man myself but there is no shortage of players running around with art work. Did notice Hamish Hartlett running around last night and from a totally uneducated point of view, found the work his arms fairly detailed. Who has succeeded and who has totally failed in the Tatt...
  2. outabounds

    Arm ******ing tackles

    Seems to be the way many players are tackling now. Players hell bent on pulling a player's arm back to stop correct disposal. I think it's only a matter of time before someone ends up with a shoulder reconstruction because of this technique. Has anyone else noticed that this is dangerous and...
  3. outabounds

    The Logies

    It's time to go. In the 1970s it meant something but for the last 25 years it's been a complete joke. Look at the nominees for the Gold Logie- a weather man from a show nobody watches and also a D grade comedian who cannot get a laugh ever from me. To think Gleeson won when I could reel off...
  4. outabounds

    Most advantaged and disadvantaged clubs

    The AFL is not a level playing field and some clubs have tremendous advantages over others. Which clubs have the biggest advantage and which are the most disadvantaged. Things to consider are sponsorship, media attention, support, fixtures, travel, facilities, umpiring bias home ground...
  5. outabounds

    Entertainment & Music Songs that have been done to death.

    You know the songs that get aired at every party or are on constant rotation on the radio. there are a few categories that spring to mind. Songs that actually have been done to death and seem to have disappeared. eg Eagle Rock and American Pie. ( i haven't heard them in ages) Songs that just...
  6. outabounds

    Punching above your weight.

    Anyone out there punching above their weight with their partner? This guy seems to have it worked out?
  7. outabounds

    ATO Deputy Chief caught up in Tax Fraud.

    Next time you are tossing up as to whether you claim your Sunscreen on your tax return, just remember that the Australian Tax Office Deputy Chief, his son and Daughter have been charged in relation to an alleged tax fraud of $165 million. Unbelievable...
  8. outabounds

    Channel Nine identity on Child Porn Charges

    Throw the book at him if a scrap of any of it is true. People who engage in Child porn are the scum of the earth.
  9. outabounds

    From School to Jail in Bali in a week-Teen arrested over drugs

    Unbelievably stupid if you ask me.
  10. outabounds

    Now Jobe is coming back-whats happening to the Brownlow?

    For me, this has to be the ultimate piss weak non decision of all time by the AFL. Its like they have buried their head in the sand and hoped everything would go away. They should have had the balls to strip him of the medal 12 months ago. How can anyone mount a case for him to keep it when he...
  11. outabounds

    Pre-Finals Bye Round

    What a joke the the bye is. All the momentum building into the finals disappears with no footy next weekend. Cannot believe the AFL have done this.
  12. outabounds

    Why is scandal such a big part of AFL Footy?

    It seems to me that the AFL community thrives on scandal and controversy, so much so that it becomes bigger than the game a lot of the time. For example, in the last 12 months we have worked through a series of incidents revolving around performance and recreational drugs, racism, sexism...
  13. outabounds

    Selling hope Collingwood style.

    I found it fascinating to hear the final wash up of people talking about Collingwoods win over Geelong on Friday Night the last couple of days. All of a sudden there was a new found optimism from the Collingwood fans again. I heard Bucks on the radio yesterday talking up the future and...
  14. outabounds

    Haddin or Nevill for the Third test?

    I cannot believe that Australia is even considering Haddin returning and booting Nevill out of the team for the third test- but there it was on the news tonight, Haddin will be making himself available and what a "difficult" decision the selectors will face. Its been very clear to me and many...
  15. outabounds

    Entertainment & Music The best song from the year you were born.

    I just went back and had a look at what was on the charts the year i was born. This was my favorite- yeh I'm an old fart and I get the feeling a lot of songs posted here may be a bit newer than this but hey- it should be fun. Post your best song from the year of your birth- here is mine.
  16. outabounds

    Talk of cancelling the First Test

    I didn't see this coming. I'd be shocked to see them cancel the test. Thoughts?
  17. outabounds

    Health Ebola 2014

    Pretty disturbing to hear what the United Nations are saying now. Is it time Australia got serious about medical checks and quarantines for people coming in from Africa? Would be interested in what BF members think about what needs to be done...
  18. outabounds

    Best singing voices ever?

    Not your favorite artist but the best voices you've ever heard. Will have a think about it but surely Roy Orbison deserves a mention, and unbelievable voice.
  19. outabounds

    Whats up with Brendan McCartneys Nose?

    He has a quite a noticeable problem with dead skin on the end of his nose. Some kind of benign skin cancer? Does anyone know? Not a troll or anything, would genuinely like to know what the problem is.
  20. outabounds

    Am I alone in thinking Gibbs is a better player than Murphy?

    Both good players but I just see Marc Murphy getting muscled out of too many contests, he isn't strong enough to shake tags. I think Gibbs has taken a step up and he offers a bigger body and the versatility to go forward or back and play taller. I would not hesitate in taking Gibbs over Murphy.