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  1. Jordie_tackles

    2020 Season chat

    Welcome all, Pretty self expalainatory, let’s chat about that season that is, could be and that may be called off at almost any moment.
  2. Jordie_tackles

    2019 LFFL - Round 11

    Please post teams below.
  3. Jordie_tackles

    2019 LFFL - Round 10

    Teams please
  4. Jordie_tackles

    2018 - LFFL Round 4

    Round 4: AFL Round 7 South West Dragons v Animals run wild Broome Bears v Draconian Knights The Cheetahs v The Ladyboys Awesome Fourthorn v South-Eastern Polar Bears Mozzie Bites v Outback Meerkats City Oval Plovers v Shinboner Spirit
  5. Jordie_tackles

    2018 - LFFL Round 2

    Round 2: AFL Round 5 The Ladyboys v Animals run wild Draconian Knights v South-Eastern Polar Bears South West Dragons v Outback Meerkats Broome Bears v Shinboner Spirit The Cheetahs v City Oval Plovers Awesome Fourthorn v Mozzie Bites
  6. Jordie_tackles

    2017 LFFL Round 8

    ROUND 8: Round 16 American Rednecks vs. Top Loaders Draconian Knights vs. Animals run wild Mozzie Bites vs. South West Dragons South-Eastern Polar Bears vs. The Ladyboys Outback Meerkats vs. The Cheetahs Bye: City Oval Plover
  7. Jordie_tackles

    Skooks cup round 3 (or whatever round it is meant to be)

    Name Teams here, Usual format Cheers
  8. Jordie_tackles

    Delete jordies mistake

    thread already exists please delete mod! Sorry
  9. Jordie_tackles

    Travel Brisbane/Surfers Paradise

    Being a Melbourne fan i have some holidays planned towards the end of this season! Heading up to Brisbane to see some friends of my wife, also as noted in the thread title Surfers Paradise area. Just wondering if anyone can recommend good things to do down this way. Think we are spending 2...
  10. Jordie_tackles

    2016 Official LFFL Premiership Season - Round 3

    Post round 3 teams here: AFL round 8: The Cheetahs vs Draconian Knights Classy Gentlemen vs Animals run wild The Ladyboys vs South West Dragons South-Eastern Polar Bears vs Mozzie Bites American Rednecks vs Holiday Armadillos The Meerkats vs City Oval Plovers
  11. Jordie_tackles

    BFDL Ladder Predictor

    1. Richcogs 2. Drews Dynamos 3. Lolern Bulldogs 4. Rockford Raiders 5. Deft Touch 6. Tender Warriors 7. Mr Pez 8. Albury Lightning 9. Danny's Dragons 10. Jimmys Junk 11. Geelong West Sparrows 12. Team LWP 13. Gut Running 14. Tuttys Tributes This is meant to be fun, try and keep it semi...
  12. Jordie_tackles

    LFFL Premiership season Round 8

    Teams as there is a game tonight Pie 4 Life
  13. Jordie_tackles

    LFFL Premiership Season - Round 7

    Round 7: AFL Round 10 Classy Gentlemen vs. The Meerkats Animals run wild vs. American Rednecks BYE vs. South West Dragons The Ladyboys vs. The Cheetahs Draconian Knights vs. Holiday Armadillos Mozzie Bites vs. South-Eastern Polar Bears Ballantyne's Scouts vs. City Oval Plovers Can anyone stop...
  14. Jordie_tackles

    Geelong West Sparrows Official Team Thread

    It is official, everybody's favourite football team has returned and will be bigger and better than ever. Please welcome the Geelong West Sparrows to the Bigfooty Dynasty League. I thought bringing the Sparrows to this league was ideal, proudly wearing Maroon and gold they pay strong homage to...
  15. Jordie_tackles

    Media 2015 Official off season thread

    Ok here it is everyone, the 2015 off season thread, this is where i will keep a record of all the trades which are made. And below i will outline the National draft selection of all clubs. Can all Clubs new and old please either create or update their Team threads, this could include at a...
  16. Jordie_tackles

    LFFL Premiership season round 12

    Post teams below
  17. Jordie_tackles


    Name teams here
  18. Jordie_tackles

    Official Match Thread BFFL Premiership Season Thread

    Ok guys thought that i would just start one thread and run it for the season, will be good for reference and just easier as the old ones seem to have been pretty short. WAG Smartys Power swansfan51 fightingfury_88 Zim^zuM reggie Eagleoz83 Wacky Tiger Druitt Soldier eaglesfan99 bombers007 Reardo...
  19. Jordie_tackles

    Official Match Thread BFFL Round 3

    OK round 3 has started and im back, even though my team is winless. Im liking what i saw last night, not big on disposals from my three but 6.1 goals and 2 from Duffield saved me a little. How is everyone else feeling?
  20. Jordie_tackles

    Official Match Thread BFF: 2014 - Round 1

    Ok guys it is week two so lets get the banter going! WAG Danger in Texas Drew23 Wacky Tiger Reardo fightingfury_88 swansfan51 reggie Eagleoz83 bombers007 Zim^zuM Smartys Power Druitt Soldier I would ove to hear where you all think you are with your games? I am playing Fightingfury i think...